Friday, May 23, 2014

Giggity---11 weeks old :)

Miss Gig is 11 weeks old today! What a fun week or so it has been! It's nice to be back from Europe and spending time with my puppy!!!

We have been working on things, lots of life skills stuff...and socializing her to lots of new places and people. She is very naughty and also has an independent streak :) Which I having a wonderful time working with.
 She tugs, she bites, so toy play is rockin...she is working on a fetch...but she has her own ideas on where the toy should go AFTER she gets it :) So toys are on leashes right now. Gotta love the naughty!
 Her recall is going very well, she can recall in the pack of dogs already, which is great. She loves her some cookies :) She sits, she kennels, she is starting a stay, sends to toys, potties on leash, all that boring stuff that is necessary :)
 And we are just spending a ton of time together. She is taking in life...nothing has spooked or bugged her, she is a very confident little bugger :) Loves any and all people, all dogs, all noises, all of LIFE :) 

How do you not fall in love with that? This girl is so damn fun.
 She wants to herd the sheep, and cars...which we are working on :) 
 Will be starting more trick training...but the life skills need to be solid :) She rocks her x-pen skills, barks to get out to potty, otherwise has figured out how to play with her toys without constant attention :)
 Right now it's about getting to know her, letting her see and absorb the world...and for me personally, letting rules develop and happen when needed. 
Such a raw being right now, full of curiosity, only doing what seems natural. We can learn so much from them at this age. It's fun just sitting back and letting her show me all she has :)

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