Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Always Behind :)

Life isn't letting me update the blog...I keep having guilty feelings about it...but I am now realizing that it's OK. The blog will happen as it happens...

I have lots of blogging to do...Assistant coaching the World Team...my travels to the Netherlands and Italy...Team Crackhead's amazing World Team medal stuff etc etc....Team USA is amazing...I will leave it at that for now :) 

If you are friends with me of Facebook, you know about the Introduction I am going to make...if you don't, here you go!

Introducing Gig :)
 I'll admit, I was looking for a boy...and I wanted her to come about a year later...but, well...it's very common for me to get puppies at a bad time. And this fit perfectly :)

SHE decided I was hers, and wasn't taking no for an answer...so here she is! I got to spend 3 days with her before heading off to do World Team stuff :) My wonderful friend/student D took amazing care of her and all my other pups...

Gig is pretty damn amazing...
 She will be 11 weeks old this Friday...so these are pics from today, I will post pictures of her younger weeks  as I get time...LOL So maybe when she is 1?? 
 She's really a brilliant, driven, tough little puppy...reminds me a lot of Zip as a pup...really looking forward to our journey :)
 She's playing with toys, bites a LOT, draws blood a LOT, and is experiencing as much of life as possible. Taking it all in stride. 
 The gal who has Lynn's brother also got a sister...I will post photos of her when I get some...lots of big ears in this litter :)
Here's to puppies...that fun, raw happiness and wonder :)

Welcome to Full Tilt Border Collies Miss Gig, aka Giggity, aka turd, aka cray cray :)

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