The Cast of Characters

aka "Stinky" 8 years old
 My bi-polar rough coated girl :) She is my main trial dog...she will be running in Pro-Novice and hopefully Open in USBCHA trials. She is also a crazy LOUD agility dog. A bit of a brat at times, but always entertaining :) She's done lots of stuff in USDAA, but I'm too lazy to type it all out :)

aka "Noodle" 11 years old
 Zip is my first Border Collie, the one that started it all :) She ran in Pro-Novice, did quite well...she was injured and then it was decided to retire her to farm dog status (which she likes very much thank you!). After finishing her Performance ADCH she was also retired from agility. She is the mother to Even and Lynn. The evil puppies we kept from her litter :) She did everything, from obedience, rally, agility, herding, therapy name it. An alphabet of titles...but her #1 job is helping out with lambing.

aka "Steven" 5 years old
 Zip's evil spawn...and our $10,000 puppy :) A fractured elbow and surgery over, she is going to be my next trial dog in herding. No agility for this girl most likely. She has been on sheep and is quite the handful. Evil, naughty and tough, all in a small package. She's an awesome little farm dog!

aka "Crackhead" 5 years old
 The husband's Jack Russell Terrier, put on this earth to drive me insane. Lovely agility dog, he chased sheep once and he is very good at getting what he wants...from Andy anyway. He's been pretty successful ;-) 

aka Bubba Gump 12 years old
 Ace, the first dog I ever did anything with :) If you can train a dog to do it, he has been. My old man, he spends his day getting lost in the house, sleeping 99.9% of the day, falling over and in general having no idea where he is and what he was doing, sometimes not sure if he even knows ME anymore :) But BOY IS HE A HAPPY BOY!

aka "Tater Salad" 7 years old
 My boy :) Gator is the weirdo Border Collie of the herd...he has friends in the ceiling, loves the vaccume cleaner and has a host of other oddities, but we love him anyway. He has had a very successful career in agility and is a lovely sheepdog, though he hasn't been trialed...yet.

aka "Stewart" 5 years old
 The other one of Zip's spawn we kept :) Lynn is my first dog to have running contacts...they are great! They are evil! They are great! And it has been one heck of a journey for us. She has just started her agility career, but she is doing great! She is also working stock and will hopefully be trialing in the future. She's an amazingly talented girl.

aka "Giggity" 4 months

The newest edition to the Full Tilt group!! Sassy, smart and driven. This girl is a handful and I am loving every minute of it! Looking forward to working sheep and running agility with her!

aka "F-ing cat"
Vittles is the garage kitty, who is a pain in the butt, however the dogs said we couldn't get rid of her. We found her, REALLY tried to rehome her, but no one wanted her. She won't leave. KITTIES ARE EVIL