Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Giggity Update :)

Miss Giggity is growing up up up! She will be 13 weeks this Friday! And she has really learned a lot in the past few weeks :)

First off...she has a neck...a VERY LONG neck :)
 And she is getting lots of leg :)
 Gig and I have been working the past few weeks, I had goals for her and I. I think we did very well meeting those goals.

Things we have been working on: 

RECALL: with or without the dogs around---very very good. The only issue I am having right now is if the other dogs are running like crazy, but she will get to that. I am impressed with how solid she is already! She has done recalls very well at lots of different locations, with distractions, etc etc. Love it!
 Crate games: ok...well MY version of crate games...get into the crate and wait while the door opens...that's really all I do. But she is ROCKING it :)

Retrieve (see below for proof): Miss Gig didn't believe in retrieving a toy, she LOVED chasing, but the returning part she thought really sucked and was useless...but now she has really made some huge strides in that realm :) She is bringing back her toys quite well!!! YAY!!!!!
 Biting (rather NOT biting): yeah, um...it's getting better :) Little victories!! I will be so happy when those little puppy teeth fall out!!! She is doing better when she WANTS to bite though...she is starting to grab toys when she gets the urge. My ankles are grateful for that :) 

This little girl knows how to get what she wants :) She has figured out the toy is the key to controlling the pack. Bugger ;-)
She's like...YEAH DUH!!!!!
 Handling: No not agility handling, I would be doing that for a LONG time...more dealing with restraint (I teach my dogs to be restrained in a positive way---makes vet visits super easy) trimming nails, touching paws, checking teeth etc. She is doing awesome with all that. SCORE!
 Experiencing the world, check...she doesn't care about anything really, lawnmowers?? So?  Crowds? So?? Strange dogs and people?? Yeah....big deal? Loving her solid temperament!!! 

Settling: I have 7 dogs in the house, I don't like dogs throwing toys at me...there is a time for drive to be engaged and a time for it not to be. So she has been taking naps with me in the bed, she is chilling in her xpen or crate during training sessions with the other dogs (she thinks that sucks and vocalizes a LOT but is getting better!) Just learning how to STOP...as she doesn't want to stop...EVER :) I admire it! But I want her to understand that it's part of life. She settles WONDERFULLY now in the car for trips. I only ask her to really settle right now when she is mentally  and physically tired :) Makes it much easier for her.
 Relationship: She has a very independent nature and is a headstrong little girl (I am IN LOVE!!!!) So she wasn't choosing me all the time. The past week she has come a LONG LONG way!!! She is choosing me every time over the pups!!! She is engaging me! She is seeking me out. I am beyond happy about this! She is such a go getter in life, which I love, and I want to make sure she includes me in the equation ;-) She is PERFECT in that area now!!!! I will for sure keep on rewarding this! I think she is really bonding though...not just because there is food, or toys involved...she is seeking me out for petting (petting...who had time for petting!?!??!?!?!? she had the world to conquer!) which I think is great. She is for sure my puppy...loses it when someone else has her and I leave. It's neat seeing that happening!! What I am MOST excited about!

Grabbing the collar, sit, down, backing up, tugging (no issues) and food drive (pretty good but she does love her some toys!!!) restrained recalls, tug-sit-tug, shaping getting into a box etc. Lots of little things.

But to ME, the big things are looking amazing, the connection, the life skills, etc. Those are the most important to me at this point. She is really settling in. I absolutely adore this puppy...she has a lot of heart, she is damn smart, she is just so amazingly cool.

She was made for me, loves her picture taken..and never wakes me up in the am, what puppy loves to sleep in?!???!??!?!?!? MINE!!!
Just so brilliant...I know I know...she's just a puppy, but she is more than that...I don't know where this journey will take us, but I am excited about every morning when I get her out of her kennel. She stretches out of her kennel, comes up to me all soft and sweet (as she is still asleep) and she cuddles for 5 minutes...kisses my face, snuggles in my neck. It's one of the most amazing things in my day. As she saves that JUST for me. 

And then she starts biting, game on Loretta :)

How do you not absolutely fall in love with that??


Anonymous said...

Giggity is so beautiful! You reminded me of wonderful morning moments with puppy Java (a whippet and such a sweetheart). Thank you :)

Angy said...

she is gorgeous! thank you for sharing those lovely pictures of her :)
best wishes from the BorderFun team :) (borderfun.blogspot.com)

zoepheedogs said...

Giggity is so cute! I love her name!