Thursday, October 3, 2013

Time Management....wowza

One doesn't realize just how much time they let waste away on the computer until they cut back. AMAZING.

The amount of stuff I am getting done is almost adult-like...


I'll admit I have been on FB a little...but not much. And it's easier and easier to not bother with it. Focusing on my own life has been wonderful and freeing. 
The dogs are enjoying it too :) 

It's funny how I always thought blogging opened one up to judgement (based on the fact that the more people know about you, the more you put yourself out there in the world..the better chance you have of people not liking your opinions). But FB I would say is much, much bigger...I like the blogging better. A bit more intimate. If that makes any sense?

Less phone/FB/etc has also given me time to connect with friends...not via the internet, but REALLY connect, like....IN PERSON. Doing things... mountain biking, hiking, kayaking...can't beat actually PHYSICALLY SEEING PEOPLE!!!! Novel idea right??
I don't care about your friends...throw the damn chicken :)

I have a lot of really great people here in MN that have taken me in. I know, I know, in the past I have commented about how it can be a tough culture to get into...and how I've hit some snags in figuring it all out. But I think, looking back (why I blog I guess) I realize that I let a small set of bad experiences taint my outlook.   During the MEB seminar I started seeing the flaws in my thinking. People from all over MN came together, cheered each other on. It was very supportive, and very fun. 

I've been here 9 years now, and as I look back I have had a lot of really supportive people in this state. People I would really, really miss if I had to move away. People that have stuck with me through thick and thin.   Accepting, forgiving people. It's pretty phenomenal :)

The husband has always said I need to just ignore what I don't like. And I hate to say this, but...he's right (mark that down honey!!). I do it with dog training, why not with life?

Amazing how life helps you see things more clearly isn't it? Many times we end up in a completely different place after some time and experiences. We are always changing, always evolving. I hope I am evolving into a person my Grandma Evelynn would be very proud of :) Still have a VERY VERY long way to go, but I'd like to think I am getting there.

For those of you that have helped along the know who you are. Thank you :) For your patience, for your understanding, and for telling me things I sometimes didn't want to hear ;-)
 They were lambs once...WOW

This week hasn't really turned out how I originally planned. The goal was to head down with the pups and enjoy two days of Jenny Damm kicking my ass. Sadly...the universe decided that I wasn't going to do that. So it figured making me sick with Strep throat would do it! Yup...pretty much.

So the husband is enjoying three days of Jenny Damm...and I am home. At first pouting quite a bit...then I realized, I kind of get to enjoy my pups and have some down time...OK, outlook changed :) Thanks for the break universe...or rather, evil bacterial infection. Stupid Strep throat.

He better share his notes ;-)
We are all waiting to read them!!!! :)

Getting things together to head to Iowa next weekend to teach for 3 1/2 days...a very fun group that I gave lots of homework to ;-) I always love going back to see the changes in dogs and handlers!

I am still holding out for Nationals...but it doesn't look good. I am starting to no longer be in denial. The world will not end if I can't go...I guess!

I have been working on this evil backside of the jump thing that Lynn and I failed MISERABLY at during the MEB seminar....will try to get some video of us successfully doing it. Note I said TRY...and SUCCESSFULLY. This might take awhile ;-)


livin life said...

I totally agree about intimacy with blogging and how FB can be distracting. Good on ya! However, your feelings towards WHAM...well I just can't stop thanks for FBing that!

livin life said...

I totally agree about intimacy with blogging and how FB can be distracting. Good on ya! However, your feelings towards WHAM...well I just can't stop thanks for FBing that!