Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nationals Withdrawal...

Did I miss Nationals?? OH YES...watching the runs, watching the finals, watching Team Crackhead running and doing friends kicking butt...

OH yes. It was tough. I stayed busy with my job and friends...but yes. It was hard to not be attending.

I wanted to run those courses with Gator and Lynn...

I wanted to see how far we would have gone, how our times matched up.

Was the Regional success enough to make me content staying back (like I thought it would)...nope :) LOL

It was tough. 

BUT...worth it :)

I got to enjoy myself, doing what I love, and on top of it I got to add some music to that list. So life is good.

Team Crackhead did very well :) Team ended up 2nd, Won Biathlon. Won Snooker, 2nd in Jumpers, and placed in Standard I don't remember what exactly :) Made it into all 4 good stuff :) 3rd in Grand Prix with an AMAZING FLYOFF the teeter (seems like he was in good company with that) and in Steeplechase sadly an E. But....he got into Steeplechase finals which has been a bit of a curse on him. So it was nice that he has gotten to run in Steeplechase Finals :)

Very proud of my boys :) So very proud of them!!!!

I really, more than the competition, missed seeing everyone, and teaming with my friends on really awesome teams. I didn't miss the long days, the cold barns, and for some reason the thought of running Steeplechase finals on a Sunday just seemed....well...kind of like blasphemy? Am I the only person that thought that? LOL

I am hoping I can go to CA. I always loved Scottsdale...the sun, the has always been the place that felt like I am hoping that is what CA will be for me again :) Already have teams for the Regionals...hoping my dogs run well and I handle them well this season :)

Onto the next qualifying season!!! :)

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Chris and Ricky said...

The first time I ever saw you was at nationals when both Gator and Klink made the finals (on the live stream). Hope you get to run two dogs in the finals next year!