Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What a busy busy month!!!!!!

It's been pretty amazingly insane...seriously.

I am just now getting my dogs back into agility...they have been on a break (I do this every year) I think breaks are a wonderful thing. The dogs however, think I am insane and lazy :)

They are VERY happy to be back to working again...

Just got back from a fun seminar in Colorado...a good reminder for me to take care of myself. I think I had a bit of altitude sickness while I was there. I had HORRIBLE headaches (thank you Excedrine!!) but the teaching was still fun.  It was warmer, and the sun was so strong. Great hosts, great people, great seminar, great dogs. What more could I ask for??

Lynn didn't get to go...she was NOT happy. She knows there were several times I needed a demo dog...she didn't appreciate staying with the husband. She informed me of this as soon as I got back.
And she plans to not let me out of her sight :) Sorry Lynn...going to Canada next are not coming with on that one either :-(

It was good to get back home, to my own bed, to my own students...the husband, the dogs. I enjoy traveling...but there really is no place like home :)

It will be nice to get back to working the pups again...I am missing it! There are so many courses I want to run, work on skills etc.

I am planning on flying to Florida in Feb to work with One Mind...very excited about it...working on things I learned at a recent seminar and it works so well.  I like the level of communication I can give my dogs.

I think always continuing to educate yourself is really important. There IS a possibility I could get a working spot. That would be AMAZING!!! But if not, I will just enjoy auditing :) And the Florida sunshine!!!!

Time to get going for trials...time to get qualified...time to get hoppin' ;-)

Klink is going to get to run in Performance this year! She is staying sound and looking good! I am so very very happy about this! I miss running my crazy fuzzy MOUTH :)

Along with that, are the holidays....we have family coming up. Which I am super excited about. I travel enough I'd like to be able to stay home a bit...I am grateful for awesome sisters :)

2014 is going to be a busy year :) It is officially full with more spots available. I am limiting because of other things that encompass my life, like seeing my husband, training and trialing my own dogs :) All that fun stuff!

I still don't get why people want to take a seminar from me? I really don't...still find it really odd. But it's fun!!!

Now that things have settled down a little....I hope to be able to post a bit more. I know I always say really gets busy. 

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