Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Slight Layover :)

Life has been a little complicated lately...not due to dog training, but just life I guess :) Thus the blog has sat dormant for several weeks. I've been on a type of forced bed rest (aka my body is forcing me to stay in bed) and so I figure, why not blog right??

First off, by health. Has been interesting...this past week has been a week of tests, drs and more tests. Horrible pains in my stomach/chest area...and now we have answers.

Ulcer and acid reflux...which also an oddity of an enlarged atrium...is it connected? Not sure...might be? Might not? Is it diet related? Not sure...might be, might not? Hows THAT for answers?? :)

BUT...now, I am on a nice cocktail of medications that will hopefully allow everything to heal up. Fingers crossed. Not waking up to a stabbing pain is a good thing. And today that didn't happen :) 

I am currently only eating bananas and crackers, but hey...who cares? I am not in pain!!! 

I am extremely weak, but slowly recovering...my friends have been awesome, and supportive. It really helps :)

So...next visit is the cardiologist I guess...hope that is just "normal" for me in regards to my heart.

ONTO BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS! Against good judgement I of course trialed this weekend! LOL

It was a great weekend for trialing weatherwise...just LOVELY. Sunny, warm but not too hot, breeze. Ah. Just nice.

The dogs ran quite well, I was a bit off, so some bars came down here and there....sigh. But overall the dogs really ran great!!!!!! Very please with G and L :) Team Crackhead also had a great weekend, worked on some testing during a trial run, failed at some things, succeeded at others :)

Overall a great weekend!

The biggest thing about this weekend was, how damn proud I am of my students. They are an awesome group of people....supportive, fun, OMG seriously fun!!!! And such amazing runs from them!!! A MAD was had this weekend and a teams first Super Q plus a bunch of other things!!! We laughed, we had so much fun!! It was neat seeing everyone else as well, people I hadn't seen in awhile! But really, tenting with my students just is so very awesome!!! I couldn't ask for a better group of people!!!

Here are a couple of runs from Lynn and Gator :) I will post more probably this week as Gator's aframes were interesting at times and how I dealt with them :)

Lynn Master Jumpers, 2nd to Gator :) And I could have totally been more on ball for this girl...late late late....sigh. Sorry Stewart!!!! Way to keep the bars up!!!
Gator Master Jumpers, kicked some butt :) I always look at places I could tighten things up...I see some...damn! LOL Nice sit stay dude...turd :)
Lynn Master Standard--1st place. I loved this run. LOVE LOVE LOVED it...we were connected and she was going! What an awesome little girl!
Several people mentioned she has again kicked up her speed....I think they are right....which is great, she did knock more bars this weekend than normal (but I am blaming me and possibly that she is dealing with the higher speed)...but I will take it!!!!! She turned in a BLAZING fast GP run...but one bar sadly. But it was NICE. 31 seconds....GO LYNN! :)

Gator Master Standard--2nd place :) Good boy on the aframes! 2nd one wasn't nearly as confident....BUT...I'll take it and I admit I haven't done much FC'ing before the frame. Will have to add that.

Klink just hung out this weekend, she is improving each week and I get to start working her up to things again!! it's going to be a slow route....but she gets to start swimming this week! She is handling the Doxy great! She is happy again and playful! And NOT HAPPY about not getting to run agility. IF/WHEN she is good again...she will be in performance. This was just the thing to make me realize it. I want her to run, she loves it so much. And if she can, great. If she can't great, we can herd :)

Such a fun trial...Carol Voelker puts on a great trial twice a year just 20 minutes from my house, it can't get any better than that!!! :)

This weekend I was supposed to head to Indy to run a 10K, trial Saturday and Sunday and then teach Monday and Tuesday....sadly...I won't be doing the first two things on this list. Very sad. BUT, I get to teach Monday and Tuesday and enjoy time with friends....that is the most important part :) Looking forward to heading to Indy!!!!!

Stay Healthy Everyone!!!!!!!

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