Monday, July 29, 2013

Peddling As Fast As I Can!!!!

Insanity...that's pretty much what life has been like since the last time I posted...I am finally catching up, I think. Peddle, peddle, I getting anywhere?

I am going to start blogging more...the break from blogging has been a good thing :) Although it's not exactly what I had planned. But that's OK. Life happens...and when life happens, the blog is the first to suffer. Sorry folks...

Gonna try to get back on the wagon ;-)

I love this dog :) I really really do :)
It's been a busy busy summer, there is only so much you can do during this short period of time we have in Minnesota, so I am not one to let good days just go by. Winter will be here before we know it sadly.

So I've been fishing, playing and singing some music...swimming the pups...A LOT. And throwing in an occasional trial here and there. And working some it keeps me very busy. 
The pups have really just been enjoying the wonderful weather and LOTS of pool time. I love the pool, the best exercise for them I think. I so wish I had a place in the winter to put the pool so they could swim year round...I have ideas...the husband thinks that I am insane...but...I have ideas... :)

Klink is getting better, she is tolerating the Doxy (she has a REALLY BAD LYME RELAPSE) and she seems to be improving weekly :) I have decided that getting her ADCH Gold was the last thing she would do in Championship. I don't know if she will return to Performance or not...she is still just working up to all normal dog activities. I am just grateful the pain seems to be gone and by fuzzy girl is happy again :) If she never does agility again, I am OK with that. I think she has proven herself to be a pretty amazing dog. 
So we shall see :) Fingers crossed, I would love the chance to run her at 16"...I think it would be a blast, a CHALLENGE, but a blast :)  

I also did a fun seminar for the folks at Pawsitive K9' was so fun!!! I ended up very sick right before the seminar...I had planned on going there for the weekend to trial, then teach. But my health had other ideas :-/  But I was good for the seminar, thank you Janet for having me out!! It's always a fun fun group, very willing to try new things and be challenged. That's always a fun time!!!! Plus I got to hang out at a good friends house, she is always a blast :) I always enjoy going to Indy...spoils me really!!! :) 

I mean, how can you NOT have fun with this bunch?? The weather was actually was so nice to feel warm again :)
Then back home...and went later to Chicago just this past weekend for a trial...I love the Chicago people, they are way too awesome!!!! I went down with one of my students and she just had a blast too :) Gator had fallen off a DW prior to the trial....he SEEMED ok, but we had our worst Aframe weekend ever. He was missing them, he just wasn't extending like he should...he was very sore when I had him checked...poor dude.  He is on a bit of a chill/rest time, and needs some chiro adjustments...poor guy. 
Lynn was her usual awesome self :) She just keeps getting better and better. Seriously putting down some amazing times...not bad for a 19.5" little girl :) She puts her heart and soul into each and every run. I LOVE RUNNING HER.
The biggest and most amazing thing from the entire weekend is...her DW's. I know I know...there were other things like her winning both Rounds of Steeplechase, and placing in lots of classes etc etc etc. BUT...for me?? It was THIS: 

DW...into a WALL that close (not kidding) with a person sitting in a chair at the end) and to a tight turn needed for 2...I told her "walk it" RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT and it was BUTTER....4 feet in, gorgeous drive to the end of the plank, turn. This has been Lynn's NEMESIS for a long time. I literally almost peed my pants. She is REALLY starting to get it!!!! See the video below!!! :) 
Yes I know the quality is was going to rain and I just sat my ipad next to a jump...but still :) LOOK AT HER! Understanding, speed, happy Lynn!!!! I HAVE TURNS!!!!!!! I REALLY HAVE THEM! I don't have to handle them, I have them...on a verbal...all the hard work has FINALLY PAID OFF!!!!!!

I am happy I have stayed motivated with what little training the dogs are getting. It's been tough knowing I won't be going to Nationals...and then they are in CA (which the west coast folks TOTALLY deserve that!!) so the chances of me going are slim...bleh...but I am trying. They enjoy the game too much.
Sadly, even if I could go this year, Lynn is scheduled to be in heat I think...sigh. I hope they let females in season compete someday. I won't drug her up to keep her from coming in. I tried that with Klink one was horrible, She got sick and that wasn't any fun. Fingers crossed though...I would like to...Keeping the faith. Sometimes real life gets in the way of agility :)

And sometimes summer gets in the way of life :) Like when I look out my window and see this :) Life has to stop for a few minutes to let it all sink in.
We are heading to a KK herding clinic this Friday and Saturday...It will be good to get back into that wonderful place of peace and happiness that is herding for me. Lynn is a little butthead on sheep, she is driving now, quite well, but she is like her mother in that she doesn't want to lay down, or listen to me (as she knows better)...she will move anything though...and I am hoping KK will give me some ideas on how to help Lynn see things more my way :) She is so much like her mother, but also like Klink...brave, intense and just a joy to work--and she has Klink's outruns...she is a phenomenal line dog...but her outruns are going to need more work. Klinks are wonderful now :) But...LOL. I was going to work Gator, Lynn and Even, but with Gator sore I guess it's just me and the girls :) Even is doing well also. She is a bit different than Lynn...a much nicer outrunner, but a bit less of a line dog. Even has an amazing sense of feel...just amazing, as long as I can keep her at the right distance :) They are so different but I love working them both.

Looking forward to a Zen weekend....hope to take some pictures too :)

I am going to try to blog at least once a week from now on...really :) I look forward to getting back into sharing life, training and all the things that happen on the farm with you guys again. Sorry for the delay...

Just that summer is calling my name :)
Enjoy life...enjoy your pups...get a little sunshine...that's what it's about right?


Steffi said...

Those dogwalk turns are AMAZING!! I'm taking Silvia's running contact class and I swear it's going to drive me insane. Your running dogwalk journey keeps me going.

I hope Klink and Gator feel better soon!

Diana said...

Uh oh, sounds like the garage maybe getting another make-over. LOL