Monday, June 10, 2013

Two Posts! ERMAGHERD!!

Craziness right?? No posting for a solid month then BAM...two in a role..guess I am getting back into it.

I have been just kind of in limbo...after the On the Run USDAA trial, Klink is still injured...and we are not sure what is going on. This REALLY took the wind out of my sails...I have three dogs that run agility (Gator, Lynn and Klink) I like having those dogs, and when one isn't right and can't's like it depresses me.
I still love teaching...and my dogs, but the agility thing for me personally 
just kinda goes sour for awhile. I am not sure exactly why this is, but it is. When one of my dogs is injured and I can't run them, I feel like I am missing an arm or leg. It doesn't feel right in the universe. 

Like a room with crazy, messed up feng doesn't feel right.

So we have been hiking, herding (good for the soul) and not really doing much agility...


I guess I am getting over the "it doesn't feel right" deal...and I am missing it again. I will be trialing the end of this month, and I am going to miss running Klinker. But I have two awesome dogs that are happy to work :)
So work we do :) Gator is getting back into his RAF's and is doing well...the box can be off and his hits are good, I put it on about 50% of the time right now just to remind him (probably more for me than him) and we are working sequences :) Will get video of it sometime :) 

Lynn is being Lynn, perfect and a good girl :) Fun little of the reasons I need to get my butt back in gear...she is doing so well...getting very consistent...solid little dog. Great jumper, great everything really...although it has been a blast working sheep with her...she is really a lovely dog on stock. I am going to try to work on both as much as I can. 

I feel like I need to get back into trialing and all that for her show the world just how cool she is :) LOL Is that a reason? I don't know, but it's a good motivator :) She really is a cool little dog.

So Kansas City Regional here I come...and I am still crossing my fingers Cynosport will happen for me, time will tell. The dogs are all Q'd up...Gator and Lynn have I will go use them :) Team Crackhead is going anyway...seems silly not to go :) I miss the competition...

Next trial the end of June :)

Life goes on regardless:)

Still teaching seminars, enjoying that a ton, I really am. The people I meet, the dogs, it's all so much fun.  I watch Team Crackhead do all the World Team stuff and wonder if I should do that too...but the flying...makes me just terrified...and the thought of my dog in cargo...makes me more terrified...I was stressed knowing Crackers was flying, but it was much easier to know he was under the seat with Andy...made me MUCH happier.

Maybe I am a total wuss...but I guess it's just not my thing. I can prepare him for World Team competition, as proven...but to actually do it...maybe if it comes back to the US, Canada or Mexico :) 

Does it make me less of a teacher? I hope not, I strive to work on international handling and always pushing my boundaries...but am I missing something by not being on the World Team? Things that I have pondered in my time away from it...

I believe in the people I teach, I believe they can do so much more than THEY even believe they can do. That must count for something? It's an interesting thing to ponder. What does make a great teacher? Is a world team member part of that equation? I don't know really...

Things one reflects about when they take a break from something...not sure if that is a good or bad thing?? LOL

My online students are totally cracking me up..their videos and comments are just's fun to be able to connect with people who I can't teach often because of geography :) 

Anyway :)

It feels good to be working my own pups again :) And I know they are really appreciating it as well...

I have to add in a lamb picture :) They are HUGE!!!!
The farm is teaming with life now....the lambs are insanely huge...the fruit trees are in full bloom and I am sure we will have a huge harvest of plums and apples...everything is green, life is abundant...a wonderful time to live in the country :)

Besides knitting, playing guitar (and now adding singing to that--at the same time even!!) I did something I never thought I would ever do...

I am feeding BIRDS. heard it (well read it) BIRDS.

If you have read this blog long know I DESPISE chickens...nasty little, evil, reptilian, creepy, satanic, bastard chickens.

Apparently I am ok with other birds...cause these guys are Freaking HILARIOUS...
It's like my very own version of Jerry Springer meets Fight Club!!! DRAMA!!!! SUSPENSE!!!! CAT FIGHTS!!! It's insane...its awesome!!! And the birds are pretty.

Sadly...I do NOT have the patience to take pictures of birds...seriously, it would require heavy sedation...those people that can do that, you amaze me. I have doesn't work well for me in this instance.

And now Vittles must be caged up during the day...otherwise she spends all day waiting for the buffet...damn cats :)

So please, some positive thoughts for Klink...and thanks for putting up with my absense..."dog injury inducing depression" can be tough... :)

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