Sunday, June 9, 2013

Catching Up :)

Life is finally slowing down a little...I am getting back to the's actually been an OK break. I have been dealing with some interesting things in my life...more on that later ;-)

So Spain :) Well my version of Spain :) I was giving a seminar to the wonderful NC folks, and I had a blast. 

The idea of 9 hours in a plane gave me so much anxiety it isn't even of the many reasons I am not interested in doing World Team stuff...a 3 hour flight is still very very tough for me. So the husband was turned loose in Spain ;-)

He apparently was a lot of fun for many folks over there ;) I am grateful to all the WAO team members who took him under their wings :) Thanks you guys, you know who you are! Thank you also to George M, who videoed everyone's runs!!!!! How sweet is that???

I am so very proud of them, they really showed the world what they were made of :) Love it!!!!

Lets start with, what I feel was one of the best runs of the week...the run he E'd...
Why is this the best run?? Because after getting some texts about it...the husband and I talked and he got right back into the game...and didn't let it get to him...very VERY VERY VERY proud of them for this!!!!!!!!

They had lots of great runs (as did the rest of the US team!!)

Gamblers--2nd Place
Snooker 5th Place
Pentathlon Jumpers--1st Place
Pentathlon Jumpers--1st Place
Biathlon Jumpers--6th Place
Biathlon Agility--1st place and Gold Medal!! World Champion Crackers!

Pentathlon Agility--2nd Place

What an amazing experience...Team Crackhead has already won a spot onto the IFCS team at the CCOA...being the overall Gold Medal 12" dog...insane. And because of his wins at the WAO, he is invited back to compete again...crazy right?? Netherlands AND Italy...I am going to try to make at least one of them...will probably just have to drug myself silly...don't even think knitting will help that...

It's so neat to see how they are where we do, we hope we are getting the training needed...seems that we are :) I am happy in that regard. I want to give my students the best information I can.

Once it stops raining (ever??) I will get a picture of Crackers with his loot :) 

Great job Boys!!!! VERY PROUD OF YOU!! Can't wait for next year! Two world teams again! Craziness!!!


Sue said...

Thanks for sharing the videos. They are so much fun to watch. (and amazing besides :-) )

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

yay for videos!!! They are awesome!

Diana said...

Congrats that's awesome!

Taryn said...

Thank you so much for sharing the videos! I love watching the world level stuff! What an incredible team they are. Crackers is SO responsive to turning cues.

And, wow, those were some killer weave pole entries for dogs going at such speed.

Loretta Mueller said...

Thanks everyone!!!!!!! We both appreciate all the support Team Crackhead has been given!

Breanna said...

Awesome, what an amazing accomplishment! Can't wait to see the loot LOL!