Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Random observations about training and life:

Winter sucks...I am tired of the snow, I am tired of the wind, I am tired of only walking in trails with 4 feet of snow on each side. Even the natives are wanting winter to leave.

Maybe I will just hide in the tulips on my kitchen island...like a ostrich with my head in the sand...and wish it all away.
Think it will work?? Sigh...feeling slightly cynical today. Must be the cold :) Or the fact that I am not going to Nationals...sad face.

Gator is getting his A-frames...like REALLY getting them. The A-frame meltdown of 2013 has passed and he is back in the swing of things. I am sequencing to the A-frame and rewarding after. And he is nailing 90-100% of them. Those he misses he will immediately fix, cause that's how he rolls. I love this dog.

I am going to a trial this weekend...and he has two A-frames....I expect him to hit neither. If he does hit one I might pee myself, even let out a squeal. If he doesn't I will just keep running. And I am sure the peanut gallery will have things to say. I don't care. Is that bad? LOL 

I really have a hard time caring what others think...I am on my own path and most of the time I am confident on what I need to be doing, if I am not, I just fake it. And so is everyone else, just walking their own path. Mine just happens to be lined with running contacts, guitars and sheep...and an occasional Guinness...cause it's yummy...mmmm. I think too often we get way to interested in others "deals"...me, I have learned with time, it's better to just knit :)

I hope I don't ruin his running A-frame by doing some this weekend...it says in the DVD I can keep trialing....we shall see Rachel Sanders...we shall see ;-)

Don't eat too much cantaloupe...if you don't have sugar often, you will be up ALL NIGHT. Higher than a kite and the crash afterwards will mimic coming off cocaine. AWESOME.

The plan (if Gator chooses to follow suit, which I have no idea if he will) is to have another good week of A-frames and then start cutting TINY ITTY BITTY TEENIE WEENIE parts of the top part of the box out....and see if he wigs. I expect some wigging...but I am hoping not for a huge issue. Fingers crossed.

Lambs are still being born. I was greeted by one this am...like  "butt crack of dawn" am...nice.

Klink was a HOT MESS this week during training, but seems to have turned the corner. She apparently forgot ALL COLLECTION during her Lyme disease recovery. And felt the need to run all her contacts :) She's feeling GREAT! Which I am happy about, but girlfriend...you are 7 1/2 and you know your job. So lets work together OK Stink?? K thanks.  She didn't run into me once today...that's huge. She can be a real ass :) Ask those that have ran her before for me...HA!! But I love her, she is my ass :)

I am not a fan of kale...I think I am a super taster or something..I have tried kale, mainly due to peer pressure...but every single time, it just tastes SOO NASTY. Kale and I are officially not BFF's. Sorry friends.

Lynn is rocking...jumping well...the only thing that has kind of lost a bit is that damn CURSED DOGWALK INTO THE WALL WITH NOTHING TO TARGET TO....which I have now deemed it "The NOTHING" like on Never Ending Story (insert ominous music HERE!!! and some thunder). So we worked that today. She had several misses, but then remembered how things go. And she was off to the races. 

I still think International elements in agility is a good idea :)

Even is seriously kicking ass...I love that dog. And damn is she fast. Good lord.

I like that method...might actually work on some of that with Lynn...I think it will help her turns. Yay for new things!

The husband is home all week...insanity. What am I going to do??  :)

Off to look at some aframe videos...with a Guiness...What else does on do on a Tuesday night??


Tori Self said...

Okay, I suppose you don't have to like kale;) - BUT have you sauteed it with onion and garlic, then put shoyu on top (wait, do you eat that? put some yummy sauce on top that is like it if not)? Because that is *amazing* -- you can add chickpeas too, and then not stop smiling from how awesome it is. ;)

Right there with ya on the peanut gallery. Girl, do yo thang. :)

Diana said...

Kale?. Yuk! I hope warm weather comes your way soon.

Taryn said...

That's funny, we're all picking up on your Kale comment....I eat mine as part of a smoothie. That way, I really don't taste it all that much. I have smoothies for breakfast most days, and can get a huge part of my fruit/veggie requirements done early in the day. My dogs LOVE the smoothies, too, and beg and beg to have some!