Monday, March 18, 2013

A little of this and that :)

First off...Crackers missed me :) I was with friends all weekend enjoying playing guitar and got to play with a group of awesome people in was so cool. But Crackers thinks I should not do things like that. He misses his momma. He might be Andy's dog on the agility field, but he sure is attached to me :) Terriers can be cute :) Kinda ;-)
My other dogs are they stand under candles and get wax dripped on their heads. I leave candles burning while I am out in the barn...BAD LORETTA.
Gator went through a "I CAN'T DO IT" aframes last week...luckily he is back into the land of happiness...I hope to start fading the box this next week :)

We shall see how it goes.

Even's running contact Dawn Weaver stuff is going well :) Gosh she is a blast to train! So easy and smart and driven and cute! :) This method is really working nicely so far! It's always fun learning new things :)

We have a trial this weekend, I am only doing Saturday (the husband is going to stay home and watch ewes) and he will trial Sunday...

I have been training the pups...they needed it. Sadly...I have lost a bit of my motivation. Due to changes (good changes though) I will not be going to USDAA Nationals :-(((( I am very sad on this...and I kind of took a step back from training the pups after the decision because sucks...but, I hope to go next year. It's going to be so damn tough not to be running. But some things are more important than agility...I think ;) I will just cheer everyone on from my house I guess...

Back to the dogs and life...why are the dogs bored??? Lambing is happening...and we have lots of lambs so far :) 6 sets of twins, 1 set of triplets :) They are so damn cute...SEE???
 The triple trouble makers :)
  Apparently the ewes do not want to lamb when the husband is watching them...he watched the two closest ewes all weekend and NOTHING. I get home and BAM....two ewes start lambing...Well one really was....and then my gut told me that this ewe was going to go. No outward signs really...but just a hunch.
And my guess was right :) 
She was a first time mother, but took to the lambs immediately...
Nice set of big twins :) Good momma!
This plus the blizzard that ended up giving me some awesome 4 foot drifts to dig out kept me pretty busy today...
 But the lambs are so stinking cute it makes it a lot easier :)
 My favorite lamb...her mother has one spot on her knee...this little bugger has two. I want to keep her SOOOO badly...just because of those spots. Probably not the best breeding selection huh? LOL
 She's super photogenic too...that should be a great reason right??? :) 
There is just too much cuteness!!!!

Here's a video of the latest twins being born....warning GRAPHIC...with gooey stuff and icky have been warned!!!!


Catalina said...

Awww cute little lamb :) I didn't know they laid down to have their babies! All those years of watching All Creatures Great and Small it looked like they stood up all the time! :D

Diana said...

Lambs are very cute!!

Loretta Mueller said...

They lay down a loT!!!!!!