Monday, March 25, 2013

Whatta Weekend!!!!! Musings..

One of the busiest weekends I have had in a while!

Friday night I headed down to On The Run for a USDAA trial. I got to trial Saturday and Andy trialed someone could be with the sheep. Good thing as we had a major issue with a ewe on Saturday. I am so glad Andy was home.

Ran dogs Saturday, headed home that night and made two dozen cupcakes for my student who was set to HOPEFULLY get her Championship with her dog...I wanted to be there and see it happen. So why not bring food? LOL

And I saw her run, saw her get her C-ATCh, even got to give her the bar :) I cried, I will admit. I just wanted to be there to give her a huge hug and support her :) Kim and Raya have been busting their buns for this :) I am very proud of them!
Congrats to Kim and C-ATCH Raya!!!! I am going to totally brag beyond belief. I have honestly, the BEST group of students any teacher could have. Seriously. They all support each other, cheer each other on, deal with the downs and embrace the ups. Their sportsmanship is like no other. I was able to really spend all day Saturday with my "kids" as I call them. And it as so nice to be surrounded by so much support and friendship. I am BEYOND proud of them. Makes me very emotional to think they are such amazing people. And I get to spend time with them each week :) They don't get involved in the drama, and they all just enjoy running their dogs. That kind of support system doesn't happen much. My students are so awesome.

Here are a few of them celebrating with Kim :) And me in the middle :)
I love my students so much...

I was thinking about them on Saturday...there was a very rude situation that unfolded involving someone's lack of self confidence and ego getting in the way of good sportsmanship. This actually hurt other peoples feelings...That normally REALLY upsets me...BUT...surrounded by my students...I channeled it into something good. It was near the end of the day, and I was getting tired mentally...but I used that image as a positive motivator to go out there with Lynn (I had already ran the other two) and be THE BEST handler she could have. Lynn won the class. And I realized that I can let it affect me in a negative way, or a positive way. I choose positive :)

My students think all that ever happens is I teach them. If they only really knew how much they teach me. About so many things other than agility :) Thanks kids :) I love you guys!

The pups really ran awesome. I mean awesome. Friday night we ran Grand Prix, Klink ended up 3rd and Lynn won it! Bye for Stewart Little!!! Now Lynn is all Q'd up. Klink just needs one more GP leg.

Saturday--Lynn was honestly, just amazing. I don't know how else to say it. She listened...and she did her job, and she was lovely. I so enjoy running this dog. I really do. She works so hard, can be a bit naughty, but I like that. I was actually looking back at older posts with her as a young dog...I talked about how there were so many things I wanted her to be. And that she was immature, and I had a hard time bonding with her. All crap. All just my problems...not hers.

She Q'd in everything...won GP, Standard, Jumpers, 2nd in Snooker to her brother Gator, 4th in Gamblers...5th in Steeplechase even with a goof at the end where she didn't take the last jump...

She's settling in. She is a fast little bugger :) And she is honestly so attached to me (and I to her) sometimes it's nauseating :) I absolutely LOVE this dog...

I'd take ten more like her :) In a heartbeat.

Gator went into the weekend with the questions on his aframes...all I wanted for him to do is NOT STOP, not offer any kind of 2 on 2 off behavior. That was my biggest fear. The box is still on at home and I planned on starting the fading this I didn't know what he would do! Not only did he run each aframe, HE NAILED THEM. I was astounded...seriously.

He Q'd in all things (didn't run him in GP on Friday) and won Snooker, 3rd in Standard, 2nd Steeplechase, Jumpers 5th I think, I wasn't really doing a good job of handling him on that run. Oh well. He saved my ass :) Very proud of the dude. I am hoping the next trial (end of April) he will be even more solid!!

Klinker also ran! She is really back to her old self now! Running fast and even being naughty :) She did a great job, not putting ONE foot wrong. I was, however a bit rusty as we haven't been running much...oops :) Got her GP Q, and then picked up Gamblers, Steeplechase and Standard Q's. Snooker she did great, I messed her up. And Jumpers, my bad too ;-) We will get it together next time :)

I HATE her aframes. Now that Gator is running his, I hate it even more. I don't like stopped aframes...despise them actually. I know they are needed and all that, but I don't like them. And I won't have another stopped aframe on any dogs, mark my words. In fact, she will be doing her first box work today. I am going to work on getting Klink's aframes retrained to running as well. I hate them...BLECK. I like to run's just not rewarding. Wish me luck!

It was a great really was. The highlights were running with my dogs and enjoying my students...It was just a fun weekend.

I have decided...after some careful thought...I am still going to get my dogs qualified for Nationals...seems odd to not have a goal. I will go to two regionals (MI and KS) and if by some chance my new job allows me (due to schedule changes)...I will go. Not on teams, but just for GP and Steeplechase...I need a goal. As soon as I decided I couldn't go...all my motivation just drained out of me. I can't do's who I am, it's why I train and trial. So...decision made. Now to see if things work out in my favor.

Everytime I run my dogs I am reminded just how amazing they are. They save my ass, they put up with me, they give me I lucky I got these dogs? Some might say no, I picked them out, I trained them etc. But honestly. I do feel lucky...they really make me look good. They are kick ass teammates!!!!

Grateful. For. So. Much...

Sadly...I got home Sunday to a mess with a new mother :( She had prolapsed (aka vagina not inside anymore) and in full labor with no dialation of the cervix (where said lamb must exit!)...A midnight call to the vet, a dead lamb and a very sick momma was the result. The ewe had to be stitched back up to keep everything inside...and I went to bed last night wondering if she would be alive this morning. I love my animals so's tough when something like this happens. Makes you question it all. 

This morning I got up...went to the barn, and she was up and happy and ready to be fed! WOW...thank you God for little miracles.


Diana said...

Congrats on your awesome weekend. Im glad your sheep is doing ok.

Steffi said...

Lynn's dogwalks are amazing and, wow, Gator's Aframes are gorgeous!! I knew they would be :) Sounds like such a great weekend for all - congrats!

I hope you'll be able to go to Nationals. I really enjoy watching you and your crew there.

- Steffi