Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tater Salad Update :)

Wazzup?? Running Aframes, that's what! :)

Although I was sick this weekend (thank goodness I wasn't entered in the MAC USDAA trial!). I did manage to get my OCD rear end out to the barn to run a few aframes. 

After watching video of a previous session (video again, INVALUABLE PEOPLE!!!) I noticed Gator was throwing in a little foot here and there at 5'9". I didn't like it. He needs to two stride. He also was trying to just POWER over that aframe and one stride himself into the box. Brilliant thinking, however...yeah. Scary as hell. No thanks. 

SOO...I lowered the aframe and we worked on balance and relaxing through the strides...and he evened out :) Looks MUCH better...
I think I will leave him here for many more sessions, plus...I will be working some speed into the grid and box to work on Gator compressing that massive stride he he learns more control and how to relax into it. But I am comparing this video to previous ones and I am happy with what I am seeing :)

Good news is, he isn't trying to stop AT ALL :) Apparently I didn't proof that enough when I taught it...note to self :)

Overall very pleased. I compare it to Lynn's aframe and it is getting more effortless like her's :)

I am still proceeding with caution...but so far I haven't hit a ton of snags...little tweaks here and there...but nothing serious...