Friday, February 15, 2013

Sometimes Things Just Settle...

Lynn and I went to Indy for a weekend of trialing and a few days of doing the teaching thing :) Had a BLAST...the people are so much fun, and it was great meeting all of them! Got to stay with a good friend, run Lynn OUTSIDE in the warm weather (40's and SUNNY!) and life was good!!!!

Lynn actually did really well...the courses were challenging and they tested some skills we need more work on. Mainly rear crosses. AND...for me, I was getting places I didn't expect...I need to work more on that, being able to gauge my speed.  But for the weekend she was 5/9. Good girl!
Video is a really great thing, why? #1 it's neat to see your dog run, but for ME...the videos show me how things are going...remember how I was really bugged about Lynn double stepping her weaves on turf?? Yeah...well...apparently that is over with :) She is swimming her weaves full time now :) GOOD GIRL!!!!!

She is also just settling into her contacts, handling's neat seeing her relax and run. And she is giving me the teeters she was taught!!!! VERY EXCITING!!!! Her times are good, she is really running well. It's nice to feel that teamwork :) 

She doesn't feel super fast, but she is so workman like...she just does her job and she is smooth...then she crosses the line and I am like WHAT?? Very deceiving my little Stewart!

The trial gave us some things to work on, and isn't that why we trial?? The rest of the month and all of March I will be home, lambing will be starting the end of life will get very busy :) Well busier than before! LOL

Gator's Aframes are going well! :) I will post video of that soon!!!!

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Diana said...

He looks very good, like he has been running it all along.