Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Learning & Analysis

It's always interesting when one embarks on another training journey with their dog. It's one of the reasons I started with running contacts with Lynn. And why I decided to attempt to retrain Gator's running aframe.
I could have just left his 2o2o worked fine, he has only blown one in competition...stayed on the safe route...
But...I don't like safe. I used to...I used to care about the Q's...but now? It's different. I want to see what I can do. How good of a trainer am I? I don't know...but I want to find out.
I don't shun anyone who is in it to Q, nothing wrong with that. As long as you are good to your dog, I am good with it. If you are an ass to your dog (regardless of what you want)...then no. I am not ok with it ;-)
But for me, the less I want the Q, the more the Q's come. That seems to be the magic formula for me.
Another thing I have grown into, I am not afraid of failure...again I used to be! But now...I see it as a stepping stone...what did I learn? How will I apply this to the next situation?
So the running aframe journey. Gator was doing a LOVELY job on his aframe. Box on, hit percentage high...but suddenly. He started throwing in this weird extra foot in. I tried to see if he would "work out of it" but no. Which then caused him to start hitting the box with a foot.
Trickle down theory right? I stopped working it...and had to do some brainstorming...rewatched the DVD and then it was stated simply "If there is something wrong on the frame, go back to grid work"...
So...we did. Back to gridwork. PERFECT....the problem presented itself...and I was able to work through it with Gator...WHEN IN DOUBT, GRIDWORK!
Then back on a lower aframe. TADA!!! Problem solved. I will continue to do gridwork with on all the possible entries and exits I can think of before we progress to the lower aframe again. I don't plan on running him in anything that has an aframe except Steeplechase. If he misses the aframe, oh well. If he gets it, yay. Either way, we are working towards the goal.
It's fun rediscovering how your dog learns. I haven't taught Gator anything tough in a LONG time...he's a very willing worker. And really tries hard. What a fun dude to work :)
Next up, I have decided to learn another running contact method :) Why not right? I like Silvia Trkman's method. It makes sense to me. Very fluid and bendable...BUT...not all people like that. SO...I wanted to learn a method that was a bit more "controlled and defined". After doing some research, I decided to take an online class with Dawn Weaver. I don't know what all it entails, but I am excited about learning! Even Steven will be the dog I am training for this method. It will be fun to work with her. She is such a willing pup, and smart as a whip. 
I think the more I learn, the better trainer and teacher I can be. Plus...Even is super cute :)
Is there something you have wanted to learn but have been afraid to???


Merinda said...

I attended a Dawn Weaver seminar last month and loved it! She spoke a little about her running contact method and I was intrigued - so I am looking forward to watching your progress with it!
I have friends who have done Trkman's method too - it will be fun for me to compare too!
Love your blog!

Loretta Mueller said...

Thanks Merinda!!!

So far it is an easy method to start with...we shall see how easy it remains! LOL