Thursday, February 7, 2013

Because I am lazy...

No fancy music...just dogs running agility :) Why? Because I am running out of time and need to get packing for Indy :)

Gator--5'6"...only one that I didn't reward :) Insane...just insane...he is such a good kid!!!!! No idea if this will continue...but I am hopeful!! :)

He did try one where he kind of tried to go into a stop...I just didn't reward it...put him above the box on the downside and reminded him no stopping...he went OOHH..gotcha. I'm sure because it is so close to full height.

And now some trial videos :) My favorite run with Lynn this past weekend :) Master Standard--1st place and she was just such a good kid!!!!

Master Jumpers--3rd place :) Good girl Lynn!

Gator's Grand Prix Run--1st Place and the Bye!!!

Master Standard--Beat by his sister Lynn :)

Lynn Steeplechase--great run! Other than knocking the double...but she had a great time regardless :) Q and the 2nd she needed for Nationals.

Lynn--Master Gamblers--4th Place :)

I was very proud of this run...because I caused the refusal? NO...because I had something very similar in GP Quarterfinals at Nationals that I said "I should push the DW" and I let people talk me out of it.  See above picture of the Nationals course...I got to do that in this run and it worked SOO nicely. Plus...she ran really well in general :) Granted...I am 30 pounds LIGHTER...maybe that helps ;-)

The Stink...moving fast! GOOD KID!I caused the bar. Damn.

Klinker running Snooker...and saving my ass :)

Shame on the tire, but she was running SOO WELL!

What a great weekend! Looking forward to this weekend of just running Lynn and teaching! :) 

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