Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WOW...back online a bit...

I apologize for not blogging..for like..forever. I got that nasty nasty flu that is going around. 

And I had one round of it, and then other issues afterwards. Was in bed for 5 days straight!! Still having some issues, but thank goodness I am on the upswing! YUCK! Please take care of yourselves if you get it! Rest, rest and more rest!

Sadly...I lost 350 bucks to a trial...couldn't run my pups...but it was worth it. There is no way I could have ran 3 dogs all weekend...one would have been tough! So I stayed home and rested. I missed seeing all my friends though. But it was for the best.

Couple that with the cold temps here in MN...we haven't been doing much.  The dogs don't approve...
I think they are plotting my demise...
 Stevie is by far the best "when you are sick" dog ever..she cuddles. And doesn't throw too many toys at my head...she has stayed by my side the entire time :)
 They have been a really good group of kids while I have been pretty boring. I appreciate off switches in dogs :) 
 Klink...go engage your off switch. Thanks...The Management.

It's been an interesting start to 2013...Ace would have turned 14 on the 11th...a huge down for me. Lynn and Even and the rest of the Zip x Jake litter, turned 4 years old just a few days later on the 13th...hard to believe they are 4 years old. Time flies!!!

So, now that I am feeling better, back to life, blogging, and teaching and training and and and :) Life is exciting right now!

March I will be taking off for seminars because of lambing...I have lots of new ewes this year, I hope it goes smoothly...but with new mothers it can always get a bit hairy. I am looking forward to the babies!!!!

Added two more seminars. One in Illinois April 13 & 14th at Dash K9 Sports and another in North Carolina May 11-13th! Excited!!! 

Going to a trial the first weekend in Feb :) Several of my students are going to go with, really excited for all of us to go on a road trip! Love my students!!

Looking forward to the seminar in Indianapolis the 2nd week of February. Going to run Lynn in the local trial over the weekend, then teaching Monday and Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing everyone! :) Super excited!!

I saw this the other day on FB and had to share it...it's so very true. In anything you do. We all have to suck at something at first...then we get better. It's how it is :) 
Something that I have been very blessed in is, throughout my travels and teaching...I don't encounter people that say "I can't" very often...Most are so willing to get out of their comfort zone, it really makes me smile. Yes sure, I have encountered a few folks that have that type of attitude, but normally within a short while I have them softened up ;-) I think that many times it is from not wanting to "suck"...to look silly in front of others...but that's just silly. We are all there to learn (yes even me! I learn from everyone at every seminar!!!!)...doing things you have never done, at a high speed, mistakes will happen. Embrace those mistakes, enjoy them even! 

As teachers, I think learning new things constantly is a good thing. And I am not talking just in your field (it's always good to educate yourself in your field yes) but I mean, something TOTALLY different.

Guitar has really been an eye opener for me...weekly lessons, homework, all that. And the frustration of things not going well...it has really helped me empathize with my students. That's a good thing! :)

I hope all of you are doing well! Staying healthy and enjoying life.  I'll be back to blogging now. Hopefully about things useful to you! LOL :)

Hello 2013!!!


Steffi said...

Glad you're feeling better - that flu going around is nasty.

Awesome that you added new seminars! Where is the one in NC?

Taryn said...

From all accounts, it's a really nasty flu this year. So sorry you caught it and not only did it kick your butt, it took a big bite out of your wallet! 365 bucks in entries fees, OUCH!

Guess I should be glad I only run one dog ;-)

Loretta Mueller said...

Steffi, near Charlotte? If you are interested let me know and I can get you the contact info :) Would love to meet you!!!!

Taryn....yes...one dog is MUCH CHEAPER! LOL! I need to win POWERBALL! :)

Steffi said...

Yes - I can do Charlotte! Can you send me the contact info?

Steffi said...

And my email is sjdiem (at) gmail (dot) com

Divya Chiaramonti said...

Hi! You have beautiful border collies!

have a nice day.