Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just one of those days :)

The husband is back :) He had a great visit with his we are just chilling out. 

The dogs are very OK with this :)
I need to get them up and work them today...but I didn't even get up off the couch to take these the quality kinda blows...
It's really tough...cause they are so damn cute :)

I wanna just lay down with them :)
And snuggle...
Damn winter...makes you want to hibernate! :)
I'll get up...they'll expect their hike and to run some agility...I wanna train them :) But for now I will let sleeping dogs lie :)

The pups are all happy to see Crackers :)

It's good to have the family together again :)

Oh the sugar front...detox is kind of a b*tch...had a rough night last night...but today I feel great!!! Back to my normal, happy self :) It's just about keeping my eyes on the prize, feeling good and being healthy! 

And...I can still eat this stuff :) And that is good because it's yummy!
The sugar in this chocolate is not processed...Processed sugar is tough for really affects me...glad I didn't go too long having that in my system.

Feeling better today :) Happiness :)

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