Saturday, December 29, 2012

Break and stuff, and more stuff :)

First off...break. Apparently I needed one. I had been not wanting to work the pups...just probably a winter funk. On the days that I did, it was zero or below zero outside. Not exactly fun working weather!

I am a firm believer in not working a dog when you are in the wrong mindset. It really doesn't help, it usually ends up as wasted time and my dogs don't gain anything from it. So we focused on fitness...hiking, core work, strength work. Weeks had gone by...teaching was fun, hiking was fun, agility was fun, but just wasn't the right time for the dogs and I to team up for it...can't really say why, but it wasn't.

Yesterday I was in a great mindset to train the pups...and no surprise, they did great! Amazing how a break really makes them fresh again! :) I was excited about training, had lots of energy and had the intensity they were used to :) It was a great training session and I am excited about working them tomorrow :) It will be a high of 22! HEAT WAVE!! :)

Klinky I worked lightly...she seems like she is doing well, I only have her entered in 4 classes all weekend at the USDAA trial next weekend...just to see how she is. She needs a jumpers leg to finish her ADCH-Gold, and then I am thinking I will be moving her down to Performance.

Gator and Lynn were awesome, worked some skills, some tougher stuff (which they nailed) and finished off with some speed stuff :)

Something super exciting for ME, is that MY dog walks have gotten faster! I have been working on my power, aka from a stop to a full sprint...and it is getting better!!!! I am getting there, which, I really DO think is a HUGE advantage to that damn running DW. Getting there...BIG SKILL!!!

I want to be there, I want to not have my dogs guess where they are going. It's a good motivator :) Plus...lets face it, I'm not getting any younger!!

As far as eating goes...I am doing well...realizing just how much one day of sugar really messes up the body...good reminder. Nothing tastes that great!!!!

In other news...WAO Supporter shirts are here!!!! They are super cool! I love them! If you want one, I would be happy to ship them (I can get you the cost!)...they come in long and short sleeve ($25 & $20) Red, Blue and Navy)...I am getting three :) LOL
Pretty spiffy huh? :) You know you want one! LOL

Maya is now onto bigger and better things :) She is working sheep well, and will make the people who get her a great little work dog :) And a family dog as well I hope. 

It's weird not having her...but I am grateful to be back to my "6-pack" ;-) It's nice being able to devote my time to my pups. I enjoy finding dogs homes, don't get me wrong...but that time is taken from my dogs...and it will be nice to have it back :) I think they will agree. It's interesting seeing the changes that happened as soon as Maya left...good changes :)

It's time to focus on my pups...I like that.

It's been a bit of a whirlwind year...I am grateful for all the new experiences I have been able to have...the seminar teaching has really be a joy! New places, new people, it's just been amazing. I don't know exactly if I deserve all I have gotten, but I am grateful for it :) For the opportunities, for the things I have learned...for the whole experience. 

I'll admit in the beginning I wasn't sure why the heck anyone would want to spend a day working with me? What are they going to learn? Will I be able to help these people? I hope I can...I still feel that way a bit :) But seeing the changes in the dogs is enough, it empowers me. It makes me want to delve deeper, reach higher and help more. 

Of course with the new year coming, goals goals and more goals.

So a few...just to get me started.

Keep the sugar out of my diet
Become a more consistent team with Lynn
Enjoy my dogs more
APPRECIATE (everything)
Take time for fun stuff
Really reach for those fitness fit, be healthy, and enjoy the journey.

What kind of goals do you have?

This coming week, USDAA trial :) Gator needs some Steeplechase legs, Lynn needs Steeplechase and Grand Prix...Klink I am not worrying about right now. Better figure out a new hat to knit while I am there ;-)


Taryn said...

I would love to get a t-shirt! What's the process to get you the money? My email is taryn(dot)tipton(at)gmail(dot)com.....

Chris and Ricky said...

So glad Maya found a home finally! I hope they love her - I will miss hearing about her.

livin life said...

haha...we both have the c word on our blogs...clutter! I think I started on the first layer that is keeping me off the next season of HOARDERS!!! Are the tee-shirts fund raising for the world? Glad Maya found a home...does it involve sheep?

Steffi said...

Glad to hear that Maya found a home and that you've been enjoying seminar teaching! Any chance you are going to be anywhere near TN next year for seminars?

As far as sprinting from a stop - have you tried any resistance band running? That helped me so much.

Loretta Mueller said...

Steffi...right now the seminars I have scheduled are in IL (chicago area) and Council Bluffs Iowa, and Indianapolis :-( I'd love to work with you though!!!

Resistance band running???

LL, yes, with sheep :) She's lovely on sheep :)

Steffi said...

Hmmm... I'll have to see if I can talk to a club nearby. When is the Indianapolis? - may be close enough.

Resistance band running - you put one of those long resistance tubes (they have a handle on each end) across your stomach. Then someone holds onto it behind you and you try sprinting. It's hard but it helps so much with acceleration.