Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ahhh.....the Holidays :)

Normally...I can't say that. As the holidays usually are a LONG drive home...dividing time between many families...and dragging the dogs with us...

This year we did something a bit different. I went home for a weekend with my dogs, just me and my family...and then the husband and dogs and I spent Christmas together :) He is now heading south to spend time with his family...a couple of dogs (he can't leave Crackers LOL) and he will have his time. I will stay here and take care of the pups and do my thing.

It really works. For us. Might not be conventional...but we aren't a conventional family anyway :) Gave up trying for that a long time ago ;-) 

Christmas was awesome...relaxed, non stressful and just was a whole lotta PEACE :)

And sugar...which I did do a LOT of baking and stirring and making of sweet things :) It IS CHRISTMAS afterall!!
Oreo truffles...

And flour-less Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies (seriously better than the flour version!!!!!!)....YUMMY! 
Plus peppermint bark...and spinach & artichoke dip, and pita chips, and meatballs, and and and :)

The husband and I went to see the Christmas lights :) A sort of tradition we have. I thought of bringing the dogs...but why? They would all be in the back going...HUH???? So..just the hubs and I :) 
 Food all prepared, presents under the tree...

It was a very cold night, so we just walked the pups in the barn...they HAVE to be walked. Otherwise...yeah. I need to train them too...they agree. That will happen today :)

5 degrees outside and 15 mph the barn it was 20 and no wind :) HAPPINESS!
Uh....back to Christmas lady....
 Sorry look very ready for Christmas :) BTW..that ball she has in the picture is SUPER ANNOYING...just sayin'...and she likes it....a LOT.

Christmas morning was a wonderful time! Just the husband and myself, and the was so cool.
I got these bitchin' slippers :) They are seriously warm...good husband!!! :)

We do a Christmas for the dogs, treats and presents (yes wrapped)'s something we really look forward to ;-) This year we took a vid of it...yes we are dorks, I know this :) But the dogs LOVE IT!!! :) As you can see (video will be available after it loads).
We then had a friend over for the afternoon, watched Christmas movies...I never once changed out of my PJ's....whatta day.

OH, and I finished my first hat :) It fits awesome and I love it! Time to start another!!!!! 
 This probably seems like a pretty boring Christmas to most people...but it was heaven to me :)

Sadly..partaking of all the sugar and such that day made me very sick that night...I learned my lesson...sugar and I are not friends...blech.

It was still a great Christmas :)
 Crackers agrees :) 

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!! Took a few moments to just relax and do NOTHING :) I know I did!!!!

And yes..we did do the Christmas picture :) I am glad I pups :)
Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!


Kathy said...

Love the hat!! Good job!!

Great slippers. I love those kind of things......warm feet = warm wife. ;-)


Kathy said...

I meant warm feet = happy wife.

And the cookies all look delicious.....if I could eat them. But they are beautiful.

corbinwooten said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday.

That last picture is great!

Chris and Ricky said...

Glad you got to stay home and have a quiet Christmas! Sounds perfect! (minus the sugar-induced sickness - :) )

Loretta Mueller said...

I hope you all had a great Holiday!!!!!

Mara said...

Love the hat - you did a great job with it!!