Thursday, December 6, 2012

Agility..and Lynn :)

 So after losing a dog...the thought of going to an agility trial the following weekend was pretty much a "what are you thinking" moment...

But I was on two teams, and the Chicago folks are always a lot of fun. So off we went. 

Lynn needed a Team Q for Cynosports and other stuff. Klink was diagnosed with Lyme, so I was just going to be running Lynn and Gator...after a week on Doxy, Klink is looking great :) 

But I felt like I had a leg missing or something...not running Klinker was just really weird...I didn't feel complete. I run 3 dogs, Klink, Gator and Lynn...they are all one and the same...together. It was really weird. All weekend I kept thinking I was forgetting something. I miss running her so much.

Gator had one of the most off weekends he has ever had I think...he seemed overly sensitive and I am only able to guess it was because I was "off"...

Mentally off I am sure, just still mourning Ace...but also...I am a LOT faster now...and getting to weird places even I didn't imagine. Team Standard with Lynn I threw in a FC because I was there...quite stupid really as I ended up setting the wrong line for a lovely refusal...I guess I just need to get used to "getting there" more. 

But my sadness I think really messed the boy up. Just little stuff here and there...a bar, a refusal etc...we were just not a team...but as the weekend went on, things improved. He won Standard, and Grand Prix for the Bye, picked up a Snooker Q, won pairs, and his team was 3rd, helping our teammate get his ADCH.

I hope the next trial we are on the same page. I was getting frustrated a bit with him, and I feel bad about of the teammates E'd in standard and told me "you have to run clean Loretta"...this put pressure on me and we nailed the Team Standard course, won it in fact. And I realized it was ALL ME and after that I adjusted my attitude and Gator was back to his normal self...imagine that!!! I failed a bit in my mental management...I'm not going to beat myself up over it...Thank goodness dogs forgive :)

Still...there were lots of really neat things for Gator this weekend...the video has no music, mainly because I loved his squeaking :) LOL I don't even notice he makes any noise when I am running him :) He's such a sweet boy...
Now onto Lynn...apparently Lynn doesn't care if I am sad or not ;-)

She ran like a trouper...seriously. Got her last Gamble leg for her ADCH with a 4th place, won Snooker, her team took 2nd so she has that Q now. And had a TON of gorgeous runs...had mom been completely in the game. She wasn't. But that's OK, Lynn didn't know any better :)

My favorite picture from Cyno of Lynn :)

THE BIGGEST THING (yes....I know...the ADCH is huge, but in the whole picture is the most important thing!!!)...her nemesis was there all weekend. A dog walk into a wall, with nothing to target to...SHE NAILED ALL BUT ONE. And I did as many as I could. I was so damn proud of that dog. She is throwing feet down, trying soooo hard!! What a good girl! I think she is finally REALLY getting it! 

She even did a very cool DW to a weave entry that many dogs were missing with stopped DW's...she just did it like no issue! GOOD GIRL LYNN! She's really putting in good times! :) YAY STEWIE!!!!!!
I still consider her such a baby dog. I am sure some of you roll your eyes at that...but it's the truth. She has a lot of miles needed. It's been a fun road though!!!!

Hard to believe she was this tiny little baby girl...what a cool path we have taken!!!
What a fun ride Stewie!!! :) Let's keep going!
It was crazy to imagine, for two dogs that have taught me sooooo much, I had an extreme low, and an extreme high in the same week. I would take 20 more like Lynn and Ace...I really would. 

I am not good with emotions in front of people...crying in front of strangers is not something I do well...I tend to withdrawal and get very stoic when things are not good...luckily...I think everyone understood this...which was a good thing. I really appreciated everyone just enjoying agility, their dogs and each others company...helped me focus on all the good and fun. I so needed that.

And now...a few pictures of Lynn from Cyno...taken by Great Dane Photos :) I have a ton more...and I am sure I will use them :) LOL

TEETER!!! Weeeeeee!!!!!!
Not too shabby ADCH Stewart Little :)

I am so glad I went, not just for the ADCH, and all that...but because the people were just so awesome...joking, I was laughing my ass off all weekend. Stayed at a friends house and laughed all night. Great food, great trial, great dogs, great people. Good food for the soul...

I have some really amazing people in my life. I am very very very lucky :)


Diana said...

Congrats on a wonderful weekend. I love the first picture of Lynn. Looks she has both paws crossed for good luck.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Congratulations on your ADCH and for ending with such a great weekend with the dogs. And of course that dogwalk thing :)