Friday, December 7, 2012

Cyno-Photos :) And Stuff... :)

I seriously have a love affair with Great Dane Photos...they just do such a nice job with agility pics!!! 

These are all taken by Great Dane!!!

This shot is Team Crackhead to a T...Andy asking Crackers to sit, Crackers saying F*CK YOU!!!!!! Ahhhh...teamwork at it's finest :) 
This is a poster for ALL TRIALS TO BAN METAL JUMP CUPS. If we ask our dogs to turn tighter, we need to up the safety. Thank goodness these cups were not metal!!!
All that week, people kept coming up to me asking if he ALWAYS THAT WAY...Uh. NO. That would be a very annoying and frustrating thing. He has an off thanks.
He's helps with a lot of it :) He can be a brat (my name for that alter ego is CRAPPERS) but we love him :)
This is from his Grand Prix Championship run :) Love the flags in the background! And of course I have a dog walk photo fetish...
And I am a firm believer that one can never have too many tunnel pics, especially when the dog looks goofy and your husband is having sock issues??
And now onto Gator, Tator, The Salad, call him what you want :)

This one was taken right before I quick released all his contacts for the finals. I am refilling the bank. I am at a SEVERE ACCOUNT DEFICIT...Isn't he perty though???
Half the pictures I see of this dog his ears are all crazy...I got this one because, well...they weren't :)
Repeat statement about fetish and dog walk photos here :)
My butt is much smaller now...yay MEEEEE! :-)
I love how his hackles go up when he runs...dork dog!
And the Klinkster, Aka, The Stink :)
I figured I would go with open mouth shots :) As there are so many. I swear that dog runs with her mouth open CONSTANTLY...
Miss, miss, miss running her! Did I mention I missed running her??? Oh I miss you!
That dude behind her is like, "How does that lady handle her? The dog is SOOO LOUD??"...I don't hear it anymore :) 
Gotta love the fuzzy "token" Border Collie :)
And now, Miss Lynn, aka Stewie, Stewart, Stewart Little :)

These photos are good to show me where I was just in September!!!
She always has ONE photo like this....that same ear...LOL
You SURE you need me to actually STOP on this teeter?? Cause I don't wanna!
She's a pretty girl....I know, I am biased!
PROOF, she single steps weaves...most of the time anyway... :)


Diana said...

Wow , very cool pictures. Love Klink's tail wrapping the poles. I hope it ok to share Crackers photo of him taking the jump to close with my club president to try to get them to let us buy new non-metal jumps.

todd ikey said...

Amazing photos, everything must happen so quickly but it's really nice to catch these moments in time... What age (for the dogs) did you start agility training at?

Taryn said...

They really are great photos, but I bet you needed a 2nd mortgage to get so many! I've had to rein in my photo purchases as they really inflate the cost of trialing :-)

livin life said...

Are you sure he is asking Crackers to sit? It does not look like that.....okay and maybe you should do some before and after look great but then I always thought you did! I found some seriously yummy paleo cookies.....funny how, without the crack hit of sugar...a girl can stop at one! Nice pics....still love Lynn....

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Klink's pictures are the best!

Chris and Ricky said...

These photos are fabulous!! Love them all!