Monday, October 22, 2012

What Was Eating Me...

Several people have asked me what plan I am my new eating lifestyle. So, I thought I would share what it is and frankly how it has changed my life.

Meanwhile...random dog photo op :)
There will be beatings...oh yes...oh yes :)

It all started with me going to the USDAA Central Regional in dogs were trained, life was good. Sure...I was overweight and had issues with emotional eating and overeating and all that fun stuff that accompanies it. If you have read my post about that regional, you would know that the judges courses proved very challenging to me from a PHYSICAL standpoint. Management of 270's before a straight speed and physical fitness was SORELY lacking. It was a HUGE wake up call to me. Not to mention the fact that I knew I needed to lose a LOT of weight. Sure it was for agility...and that damn running DW of Lynn's...but a person needs a goal. 

I have lost weight in the past...and gained it back and lost and gained. Off and on. Different amounts. Luckily I never gained ALL of it back from my heaviest weight...but it was still a roller coaster. 

My major go to was calorie restriction and low fat, high carb, and inevitably high sugar. I worked out, daily, high impact, walking, you name it. And I lost the weight. SLOWLY, methodically...constantly hungry.

ABOVE ALL...constantly craving food...every 3 hours I was I wanted sugar, chocolate, Skittles, ice cream you name it...

I always felt sucked.

I had tried in the past as well to kick the sugar addiction...but in reality, my half attempts just were not going to get the job done. I was VERY ADDICTED. 

So after Regionals, I realized, my dogs are in great shape, and I am the weak side of the equation...I needed to get serious.

I was walking to a friend, who, after years of doing the same crap I did, wasn't losing weight...and she went on a different plan....Primal Blueprint. She sent me this blog...

I read and read and read some more...and decided that I really REALLY wanted to try this.  My dogs don't eat grains...and they all stay very lean and healthy.....SO.....I got a quick check up with my Dr. to have a baseline...and was told I was forming insulin resistance...NOT GOOD. My blood pressure was higher than normal and my triglycerides were higher. At 33 years old?? NOT COOL.

So...thinking about being diabetic or having heart issues really was a HUGE wake up think it all started because I wanted to run agility better?

I was DETERMINED to cut out the sugars and grains...The end of August I started. I wanted to lose 10 pounds by Cynosport. 

I'll be honest people. It was HORRIBLE...seriously. The first 2 weeks were just HELL..the first week, worse than HELL. I took Excedrine several times a day to keep the vascular headaches at bay...I was EXHAUSTED, I was craving sugar and carbs like a druggie wanting a hit. My stomach hurt, my brain was foggy and just wasn't working right...I FELT LIKE CRAP.

By the end of the first week the thought of eating ANYMORE protein or fresh veggies made me literally nauseated...I had to spend several days on protein shakes because I just couldn't stomach the texture of meat...

I couldn't work out, I could barely walk my dogs...I was told over and over again it would get better. To just rest, take care of myself and keep trying.

So that is what I did. I worked, then I slept, and then I ate what I could stomach...which on some days wasn't much other than protein shakes...

Then suddenly...about day 12...things got a little better. And then with each day, I got stronger and stronger...

The weight just fell off...sure, lots of it was just pure water weight...but then it was really pounds, inches off. 

The BIGGEST THING? I didn't think about food a day...I didn't need to eat every 2-3 hours. FOOD WASN'T RULING HOW MY DAY weird, so this how naturally thin people are??

By Cynosports, I had lost 15 pounds, and my energy was back, my mental clarity was also back. At this point I am 23 pounds blood pressure is 110/70, and my triglycerides are normal to even low :-) 

And I feel amazing!

I am not saying this way of eating works for everyone, but it works for ME. I eat a lot of eggs, chicken, salmon, beef, pork (GAWD I LOVE BACON!!) veggies (green beans, broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes,  sweet potatoes, avocados etc), nuts and nut butters, and just recently added in fruit (I was terrified of sugar after all this....but raspberries, and blackberries are good). I also eat full fat cheeses, and full fat plain greek yogurt. I don't drink milk however...too many milk sugars for me...makes me feel like crap afterwards. Yes, I know....the husband works for a Dairy Company...I eat enough cheese for a family of 5, I think I am supporting him just fine ;-)

I use Stevia for sweetners...drink water and YES, I still drink Coke Zero dammit, because that is something I am not ready to give up yet :) 

There is no "low fat" "reduced fat" "Diet" food in my body anymore...I use butter, olive oil, and even bacon fat.

No wheat of any kind, no grains (rice, pasta, brown rice, etc etc.....which is fine as I am not a huge fan)...grains make me feel crappy, pure sugar even worse.

I am however, not eating organic, or grassfed stuff...due to cost and also due to personal choices on my part. We won't get into's a whole blog post in itself ;-)

My palette has changed---it's very interesting. I now CRAVE veggies and meat, instead of sugar. But it's not a NEED TO EAT IT ALL NOW, it's more, eating to sustain my body. I can stop when I am full now (a huge problem before)...

Things I Used to LOVE, but now hate:

McDonalds Fries (GAG!!)
Fried foods in General
Honey (too sweet)
Pineapple Upside down Cake (Too sweet) actually you can pretty much insert ANY sweet dessert...they are all too sweet now!!!!!
Vegetable Oil (I can now taste it....ewwwww)
Most Fast food

The biggest change--Things I used to not like but now LOVE:

Mildly coffee flavors (HATED ANYTHING COFFEE!!!!)
Raspberries (or any fruit just as is...with no sugar...used to ONLY eat fruit with sugar on it! Not anymore)
Green Beans
Spaghetti Squash (seriously...who needs pasta??????)
Lettuce (it actually HAS a taste...believe it or not!)
Blue Cheese (again HATED THIS BEFORE)
Plain Greek yogurt (prefer this over the sweetened stuff now)
ANYTHING HOT. Peppers, chili spices, hot wings, I have really come to LOVE hot foods the sweet need has been replaced with wanting heat!
Green tea

I am sure there are lots more....but this is an idea for you. It's amazing the ease of the eating choices I can make now. I have WILLPOWER. It's so nice.

For many sugar/grains don't pose an issue....but for me? It really causes me to not feel good and overeat. Not to mention other things physically, since adopting this lifestyle:

Reduced Anxiety
Reduced SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
I sleep like I have never slept before
Immune System much Stronger
More energy (rarely take naps anymore)
Don't get light headed or cranky or shaky after a few hours of not eating (can actually eat breakfast in the am and not get hungry until 3 or 4???
MAINTAINING MUSCLE while losing fat
Less stomach upset
Insulin resistance no longer an issue! Blood sugar stable!
RARELY have extreme hunger...
Skin is clear and hydrated
I used to have migraines at least once a more...
And I am now losing 1-2 pounds a week without COUNTING A DAMN THING...just eating normally.
AND..the weight I have lost as been VISCERAL fat, all around my stomach, the really unhealthy stuff (read about it and what it causes health wise)...I am down 4 pants sizes...just since the end of not even two months ago.

When I travel, I bring along shakes, or at worst all restaurants have salads I can have chicken breast on...grilled meats and I just sub out the potato or whatever with veggies.

I LOVE omelette's and morning staple...

Life is good...I plan on eating this way the rest of my life. I know I can do this now...before, I had doubts. But I am certain I will continue to lose weight. Get down to the size I want to be. And be healthy...AND enjoy the food I eat. 

Oh...and I make sure I sleep a lot...a solid 8 hours if I can. It really makes a huge difference...not entirely unlike Even here :)
 So...there ya go. A life changing thing for me. I welcome questions and comments :)


Amis said...

It's amazing, isn't it? And your body will thank you for it! You'll be rocking the skinny jeans like a rock star!! :o)

Steffi said...

That is awesome!!! I also went on a very similar diet (anti-inflammatory) and have had a very similar experience. So glad to hear that you're already seeing so many positive changes! By the way - the Full Tilt gang was AWESOME at Cynosport - loved watching you guys!

Taryn said...

So I've gotta ask....what has this done to your alcohol consumption? That stuff is pure sugar as far as the body is concerned. Sugar with a kick ;-)

Phantom Ridge Border Collies said...

I have been doing the same thing for almost 2 years now. With the same results as you. It also helped my creaky joints. No more knee problems.

Loretta Mueller said...

Yes Steffi....very anti-inflammatory!! Thanks for the comments on the pups! I wished you would have come up and said HI!!!!

Taryn---alcohol consumption is nil right now :) But honestly. I wasn't a huge drinker either. I am sure I will eventually have an occasional drink ;-)

Phantom Ridge...exactly!!! I have knee issues, well, USED TO! Not anymore!!!

D said...

Just the thought of giving up sugar/pasta is kind of terrifying. I know, it's so dumb. It's my drug of choice (obviously). However, you make me think it can be done. Congratulations! And, as someone who actually sees you in person, you look amazing!!

Barbara said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing and I am working this too. I know when I don't eat bread, I feel better. I eat more (and more crap) and feel bloated. And then I want more bread. VICIOUS cycle.

Gotta question for ya! What protein shake do you drink? I need something for my long drives.

Sarah Duke said...

No need to drop the Coke Zero :) But in all seriousness, good for you!