Friday, October 19, 2012

Back To Life...

Due to the flu, I am getting some extra time to just "enjoy life" :) Sometimes getting sick is the only way I learn to slow down and settle a bit.  One would think I would do that on my own...but, apparently I am a slow learner.

It's good to be back with all my Maya. No she is not staying. She will actually be heading to a new place in November hopefully :) But just being home, with my dogs and the husband has been really nice. Amazing the things you take for granted...
 Random photo of Nationals...Gator 6th in GP Finals...and me...looking at the ground? I have NO idea...I look concerned...maybe I had to pee? I don't know. Don't think I did? Gator looks happy, and my shoes SOOOO clash. really bad. 80's bad. I still love those damn shoes.
Another one, taken of my friend Kaimen...Klink looks REALLY PISSED that I have her picked up :) LOL Sorry Stink! Pretty awesome group of folks though huh? :)
 Back to dogs...I have been snuggling...Crackers is a good snuggler...he's like having your own heating pad.
 Demonic/aggressive/rabid heating pad :) This dog has a SERIOUS off switch. If he is not doing agility, he is like a piece of furniture...come to think of it...all my dogs are that way. I call it "efficient" :) 

My dogs have pretty much done nothing but hike after Nationals...we are chilling out. Time off is good!
After Nationals is a time to reflection is this "It's all fun, the good, the bad, whatever happens, it's all fun. Because I can walk to the line with a healthy dog, and enjoy those 30 seconds on course. Many people can't say that...those 30 seconds will never happen. How lucky am I?" 

These dogs are in our lives for such a short time...we need to enjoy them. And that is what I really focused on this year...and will from now on.

OH! And after driving the same Toyota Corolla since 2001, with over 255,000 miles on it, I finally got a newer car! It's a Subaru Forester!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS CAR!
Heated seats, moon roof, etc's loaded and I am ESTATIC! And I can get 4 dogs in it! We were looking at this or a minivan...and when the husband turned to me with this look of total defeat and said "Honey...PLEASE don't get another minivan...two is to many" I relented :) So now we have a little vehicle that doesn't make us look like daycare owners I guess :) I really love this car (in case you wondered)...

And a special Shout OUT to the person behind the scenes who allows us to come to Nationals! D, you rock. And you send me awesome pictures of Ace and Zip...makes my DAY when I am on the road. Like this one :)
I am a freak about who watches my dogs...It's where all my OCD is contained (ok usually---and running dog walks)...and with D, I just drop the pups off and there are NO WORRIES. It's so nice. Zip is a pain in the ARSE...she will counter surf and eat anything I swear. Ace is old and gets confused. And D treats them like they are her own special's so nice and I am so lucky. THANK YOU D!!!!!!

All my travels, I am so grateful for! It's awesome seeing people get things, and be able to communicate with their dogs...I LOVE IT!!!!

Time to move inside for the winter...I will be heading to North Carolina to work with that wonderful group of people in November!! But for now, I will be enjoying home and feels really good to be back :)

Down 22 pounds. This is getting just loving it!!!!!!!


Chris and Ricky said...

Sorry you have been sick again. :(
But so glad to hear Maya might have a new home. I hope she is really happy there!

I think about how little time I have with Ricky daily and cherish the time we do have!

Barbara said...

Damn it, girl. What's the diet (in detail)?

Loretta Mueller said...

Barbara---I will blog on it ;) It's really quite simple...just doing it is the hard part.