Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DAWGS...we got LOTS :)

15 dogs at the Full Tilt farm...seriously. That's a lot of dogs. It's gonna feel amazing to be down to my dogs...just SEVEN. SEVEN...that's insane :)

First off...we are looking for a home for Maya, 2 years old, sweet girl. Has the instinct to work sheep, I have only had her on once and she seems very natural.  Crate trained, rides in the car great, AWESOME, SOLID RECALL. Very smart and very trainable. She has a lot of drive when working and is learning to control it. Gets along great with other dogs and cats are not an issue either. Is getting there on toy drive with ME...other people not so much, but it is coming :) 

Her only main issue is she is a bit storm sensitive...but at this point she just lays by my feet when there is a storm.  Crated during a storm she doesn't care for :-( But if she is just out and about, she does great.

She is the type to be your shadow, following you around, watching what you do, very content in the house. Fully house trained :)  Up to date on shots etc. All we are asking is you pay for the cost of her spay (which needs to be done before she leaves here---approx $160). If you are interested in a project dog, she is the one for you! If you just want a pet to be at your side all the time, she is for you too! :) She is just a sweetheart of a dog. I am very honest with how my dogs are, and she really is a sweet pup.

Now onto puppies :)

I'm behind on pics..but here are this weeks pics :) 4.5 weeks old. Terrier cross puppies for sure :) Rolo :)






These guys (and their mother Bonnie) are available through Secondhand Hounds out of the Twin Cities

They will start having time out with the other doggies soon. Potty box training going well and they are fun little pups :) 

Life sure is busy right now. Head down to Texas on Wednesday for IFCS, then fly back Sunday....then off to Utah for 7 days of trialing and seminars...then back home for a bit.  

USDAA trial in New Berlin, WI Memorial Day Weekend...then a bit of a break. I need to get some fishing in, some relaxation on the lake :)

4 more seminars scheduled, 2 in October, 1 in November and another in January...USDAA Nationals, trials, etc etc. GO GO GO. 

In between all my dogs, enjoying time with friends, seeing the husband, and relaxing :) Whatta life!


Catalina said...

Who takes care of them when you are out of town?
If your need someone to watch Maya while you are in Texas - I could do it! She's such a sweetie :) And I promise I would return her! :P

Loretta Mueller said...

Catalina---D with the Beardies, she has a groomer blog (I think you know her??). She is my lifesaver!! We also have another gal that has watched our farm for years...she is awesome. It's nice knowing everyone is safe and cared for! :) Thanks on Maya, she actually will be here with the farm sitter, she keeps Ace company :) Thanks for the offer though! I might have to take you up on it sometime! :)

Catalina said...

Super! I would spoil Maya SO much :)