Monday, April 30, 2012

All About Lynn :)

We went to Contact Sports USDAA trial in the Chicago IL area this past weekend :) The dogs really did well in spite of me being sick. I will post videos of Klink, Gator and Crackers in another post tomorrow. I just want the spotlight to be on miss Lynn :)

This weekend was the first time she gave me a lot of things...first off...her teeters, they have been NOT what I get at home...and this weekend she suddenly decided to really give me the teeter she gives me at home!! I also was handling her better..trusting her more, and imagine that, she is settling in :) I didn't have the energy to worry...just handled her. I guess it was more me than her huh? LOL

1st place Master Jumpers & 4th place Master Jumpers
Grand Prix Q & 6th place and now Q'd up for Nationals in that area! :)
1st and 3rd in Master Pairs and finished her RM!
1st place Master Gamblers!
2 Master Snooker Q's

Hit ALL dogwalks including a turn, the most confident I have seen her on the dogwalk so far at a new place. 

STARTED single stepping some of her weaves! YES! I figured with confidence this would happen!

Handled like a grown dog...only one minor brain fart in Standard and Steeplechase :) 

The trial was a good sized one! 500 runs in the Masters Stewie held her own with the big dogs!! Whatta kid! :)
I couldn't be more proud of her...she is maturing and really just starting to come into her own. It's fun to see...and I have to remember to be patient with her :) LOVE IT!!!


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Love the teeters!!! And that DW turn was gorgeous! Go baby dog!

Diana said...

Just awesome!!

Chris and Ricky said...

Wow - Lynn had an amazing weekend! I don't know how you ran like that when you were so sick! Congrats!

Loretta Mueller said...

ME to Laura! Finally she is giving them to me! :) YAY!!!

Thanks Diana!!!

Chris--mental management!!! LOL That's really all I had! My speed wasn't super great, but I did the best I could :)