Thursday, May 3, 2012

TGIF Yet??

I am ready to go to the lake! That's right...the husband is trialing Crackers this weekend, and I am going to enjoy nature :) I know I know, but agility isn't everything right?? :)
I need to get away for a bit, with all this stuff coming up there needs to be some balance.  But before that I have a lot to do :) Lessons today and tomorrow. I also have time scheduled to meet with a handler from New Zealand. He is going to be running a students dog at IFCS this next week. He is coming for a lesson with Meadghbh the sheltie :-) Should be a good time getting them to become a team! Meadghbh (pronounced MEEVE) is a lovely girl, very close to her ADCH, and a fun dog to run. I hope she and Siegfried team up well! She runs for just about that helps!!! Very proud of her!

Maya is doing well on her "learning to cope with storms"...she was good in a kennel this am with a thunderstorm coming through...each time she improves a little :) I think she just doesn't know how to I am teaching her coping mechanisms. So far so good!! She is such a good kid.

The puppies are getting LOUDER and more demanding :) And cuter thank goodness! Hard to believe they are going to be 5 weeks old on Saturday! I will miss them, but I am looking forward to JUST having my pack again :) I know I have said it before...but 7 seems like a small number now! LOL

Massages and Chiro earlier this week for all the dogs, gave the dogs some time off after the trial, just hiking and enjoying life. I will be working them a bit tomorrow on handling stuff. Gator had some "collection" issues during the trial this past weekend, I thought it was due to training, turns out, his sternum was WAY OUT. Now that humpty dumpty is back together, he should be running like a well oiled machine again :) 

Lynn will be trialing mid May, then again the weekend after I get back from Utah with the rest of the dogs at an indoor site in New Berlin, WI...She needs a team Q and Steeplechase Q for Nationals. I hope to get those ASAP. I know she can do it :) There is a local USDAA trial the very beginning of June...I am going to skip it. If I have the choice between inside on turf and don't have to worry about the weather and possibly have to choose between running my dogs on a crappy surface, or paying for chiro appts...I'll take inside on turf. Call me a snob...but with 4 dogs running...and I just spent 330 bucks on MAINTENANCE chiro and adds up! LOL I am very protective of my dogs. I won't deny that!

I'll get videos of Crackers, Klink and Gator sometime! LOL Working on that :) 

I have been getting lots of feedback from people taking my seminars in the Carolina's in April...LOTS of good things! Lots of moving forward! SOO happy for all of them! I really love teaching...I feel like that is my calling. I put a lot into it and really reap the benefits.  I am sure some of my ideas seem a bit crazy, but depending on the works. Dogs can't be lumped into "categories"...they are each as individual as all of us. You have to adapt, change, and constantly reassess. That's what training is about :) 

Between seminars, teaching, training, dogs, sheep, yard work, helping people online with running's keeping me very busy. But I love it! :)

I just need to make sure it is always balanced out with stress relief. So I will be taking that break this weekend :) Then get ready for a 3 week stint of running!

I hope all of you are taking time to create that balance in your lives. It's very important!!!


Karissa said...

I've been feeling like a bit of a pansy lately for choosing indoor venues over outdoors for my dogs. So thank you for this, it makes me feel better. ;o)

My reasoning is the same as yours. For as much as I pay in chiro/massage and trial entries, I really can't afford to show up and deal with crappy weather and footing. While I prefer grass over turf, I know that the turf is not going to change and that the weather indoors is controlled.

I'm hoping to go over to New Berlin for Saturday -- Maybe I'll finally get to meet you. :o)

Loretta Mueller said...

FUN! That will be great to meet you! :)