Sunday, April 1, 2012


Yesterday was a big day at the Full Tilt house :)

Bonnie decided it was time, her temp dropped to 97 and she tried to dig to china in my living room Friday night around midnight...

Then about 7 am we had our first pups...two girls....and then two more pups, two boys...

And then she settled down and I thought she was done...apparently NO. She shot two more boys out in about 5 minutes...THEN DONE :) And we now have this:
 2 girls, 4 boys, much skinnier momma! ;)
 So now I will be staring and taking LOTS of pictures! :)
 Right now they look like momma...but who knows what daddy as they develop it will be fun to see how they change :)
 Puppy feet are SOOOO cute! :-)))
 So much cuteness I can't hardly stand it...I wanna kiss those little faces!!!
 I mean do you NOT love these faces??????
SO...I introduce to you...Bonnie's babies :)

If you need me, I'll be watching puppies :) Or doing laundry...


Daffycat said...

ROFLOL I love their names! Congratulations on a healthy family.

Smooth Sailin Agility said...

ADORABLE!! I'm liking Skittles, or Twizzler..they are ALL CUTE!! But, those would be my favorite candy! Followed by Rolo, Spree, Pez and Twix...okay, I'm a sugar addict! G
Love the pup/paw picture!!

Karissa said...

Baby sheepies -- baby puppies -- I have no idea how you are able to live with all of that cuteness right now. I can't wait to see these puppies grow. They are so flipping adorable!

pam said...

Blessings on you for giving her a safe place to raise her puppies. They are so freaking cute!

Loretta Mueller said...

Thanks everyone :) They are a fun group of puppies that is for sure, what puppies aren't though? LOL

Karissa---it's balanced out with all the cleaning I am doing! LOL

Pam---thanks for saying hi! :) Good to meet you! Thanks, I couldn't just let her raise them in the pound!