Friday, April 6, 2012

Picture Fest! Spring Addition!! :)

One week without a post! YIKES! Wonder what I have been doing???

Cleaning, laundry, feeding dogs, taking dogs out to potty, drinking, getting some precious sleep...(the drinking part no...caring for animals under the influence not such a great idea!)...and taking PICTURES! This is a post of a gazillion of them.

Babies and more lets start with the little wee puppies :)
 They eat a LOT. Miss Bonnie is producing a TON of milk so all 6 puppies are double chinned little sumo wrestlers...someone ask if I was weighing them.. "Nope"..."How do you know they are getting enough to eat??" Insert look of concern... My response--they are obese...they all have PLENTY TO EAT :)
 Due to Miss Bonnie creating a HUGE green gas cloud in my house (sorry husband...I know she is in your office)...I have changed her diet. Otherwise I feared for my life, my husbands life, all our dogs lives and the paint on the walls in the was starting to peel in one corner...

Plus...I don't know how much one dog can poop...I think Bonnie is setting the World Record...seriously...she probably loses 7 pounds every time...
 Insert different kibble---green gas cloud gone and she is now pooping more like my dogs :) Happy Loretta, Happy husband :)
 They are cute....and growing...and are LOUD. We started the Early Neurological Stimulation on them--I call it "Pissing off your puppies!!!" YAY! Pick them up, poke their foot with a Q-tip, vertical puppy, upside down puppy, supine puppy and if that isn't enough to really PISS THEM then put them on a cold, wet rag that was in the freezer for 5 minutes...
Puppies are for sure not happy about it...but it will help them in their future endeavors! Or so I hope!
 Otherwise they will just be pissed off, and used to the cold and a person sticking a Q-tip in their feet...

Bonnie has begun asking for time away from the evil fatties...I can't say I blame her!
 Seriously...I need a break, walks are good...THANK YOU...
 Meanwhile...lots of sleeping...
 And more sleeping...

WARNING: The next photo shows indigenous nudity, please be advised...

And eating...AHHH BOOBIES!!!!!! 
 Sometimes they do synchronized sleeping...Rolo and Pez demonstrate :)
Seriously...major cuteness...
 And I watch them...doing nothing...yep...cause they are cute. And jerk around and make barking noises...I can't help I am normally cleaning SOMETHING in the pen. I have just duct taped a bottle of 409 to my left's easier that way.
 FOOTIES!!!!!!!!! ZOMG!!!!!!!
 TONGUES!!! ZOMG!!!!!!!!
 Don't ya hate when you drink too much and pass out at the bar??
 Yes...I'm still staring...
 If I were teeny...and a ninja, I would totally get in between these two for a puppy sandwich...cuddles...awwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Puppy booties are cute :) Skittles is exceptionally adorable :)
 Sometimes they get upside down and can't get rolled they just fall back asleep :)

And I pick them up when they are sleeping...and cuddle them...
 And kiss them :) And go AWWWWWWW when they yawn :)
If that isn't enough cuteness for you...the lambs are great! ONE EWE LEFT!!! She's a new mommy to be so I am sure she will be a pain, but the babies are SOOO CUTE!!!!! Love the stamp the late and great Honey Badger put on them! :)

Lambie Playdates are happening :)
 Some of them already have attitudes too!
 GREEEEEN Acre's is the place to BEEEEEEEE, FAAARRRRMMMM Livin' is the life for MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 My favorite lambie...we have now nicknamed her "Tramp Stamp"...if you don't know what that is,  google it :)
 They are getting HUGE already! STOP GROWING UP!!!!!!!!
 Momma's are putting weight back on, all ewes had very easy times lambing...and are doing great!
 Lambie butts are cute too!
 How can you NOT be in love with these two???
 This is the ugliest lamb...he's like...well..just kinda ugly :) But we still LOVE HIM! Just a little less than the rest...
I love how some are black and some have brown points...very fun!
 What's this green stuff??
 Seee? One black and one brown...GAWD...I wanna kiss them....but they run away's sort of a one sided relationship...
 Seriously...get the damn camera out of my face...

We sent our latest momma and babies outside today...a HUGE set of twins, both rams...which excites me as I wanted to keep one! :) Which one do I keep though??
 BUT wait...come back, I need pictures!!! (OK that was the worst pun EVER...sorry folks)

Do I keep the pretty white boy?? That is VERY lanky...
 Or the dark boy...who...doesn''t know which end provides the food...errrrrr
 Don't judge man, don't judge...
 AND....WE HAVE BABY GRASSES TOO!!! By the barn!!!!
 ISN'T IT ADORABLE!??!??!?!? SOO CUTE! Ok...maybe I am the only one that thinks this...whatever...

And now for the most important pups :)
 Lynn is a camera whore...
 Klink needs to be brushed...crap...she's still perty though :)
 We B Chillin'---Peace Out!
 Hey....psss...hey...I am gonna be running in Texas on the World Team in May...all these other dogs suck and are not as important as me...I am the shiznit...never forget this.

And of course....Ace does what he does best... 
 But he apparently took some time out to make an appearance...
 I buy my dogs toys...I do...but apparently a half of a tennis ball is more exciting than the new tug toy...brilliant. 

Zippity :) My love, my first BC, is 9 years old her birthday we are gonna get her spayed...
 Well OK, like on Monday...but today we celebrate the Zipster's making it another year, because I didn't kill her, for counter surfing and eating entire loaves of bread, stealing other dogs food, eating and rolling in crap, chewing up random objects...yep. Congrats Fatness (yes that is her nickname) lived another year. Let's try again for 2013!! :)
 Lynn: This is my life...chaos...this is hell...why do I live here with all these F---ING dogs!?!?!?!

STEVEN--running...lots :) Cause it's cool that she CAN RUN. She continues to be 100% sound and sometimes I MIGHT just cry a little due to that fact. :) There IS no other dog that enjoys life more fully that Steven...I'd bet money on it!

And...she's kinda cute!!!!!
Stay tuned to the next installment of SO MUCH CUTENESS YOU JUST MIGHT VOMIT! :)

PS--Yes Maya is still with us :) She is working..and stuff, I just didn't have her out while I was feeding sheep...and well...yeah...MY dogs don't try to go under fences...(Clearing throat)...


Kathy said...

The puppies are sooo cute-love the lamb they have to be so much fun to watch. Sooo what do you do all day? Hahaha, just kidding-looking at all that you have going on makes me want a nap :-).

Chris and Ricky said...

All babies - puppies, lambs, grass and older dogs - all seriously adorable!! "Tramp Stamp" is a hilarious and perfect name for that little lamb! Haha!

Kathy said...

The puppies are adorable!! Your pups are some good looking mambos. And your lambs are truly adorable!! Thanks for sharing.

Catalina said...

Ok your post was super long so I had to take notes!
1 - Was that Bonnie that you were taking outside when I left on Thurs.? She's bigger than I thought she would be!!
2 - I thought you wrote that you put the pups in the freezer! Man hard core with the puppy training! LOL!
3- Puppy claws! Squeee! So cute!!!
4- Ok this might be stupid, but I've only ever 'raised' kittens, so why are you cleaning so much? Doesn't Bonnie take care of the puppy stuff? I've never seen a puppy younger than 14 weeks, so I don't know ANYTHING about puppies - just kittens. I know LOTS about kittens.
5- I love your colorful lambs!
6 - That tramp stamp looks like a heart!
7 - When do their tails 'go away'?
8 - Klink is my favorite! I like fluffy dogs and she's the only one I've met, so...tell Klink Hi!and that she's awesome!

Told you I had to take notes :)

Daffycat said...

This was a wonderful post.

Loretta Mueller said...

Thanks everyone :) It's hard to not enjoy spring!!! :)

Kathy--I would LOVE a nap! LOL

C--Yes that was Bonnie--she is 18 pounds :) Smaller than Tibby by a lot! LOL No puppies in the freezer :)
Puppies pee and poop all the time---she doesn't always get all of, she has well...some discharge from whelping (if ya know what I mean)..
Their tails go away when we band them...well after we band them...that will be sometime this week :) And Klink knows she is awesome...I won't tell her YOU think so though...her head is big enough! LOL
Daffycat----thanks! :-) Glad you are enjoying the blog!