Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mr. Chewy!!!

I was asked a good while ago to give an honest review of Mr.Chewy, a website that has all things dog and cat!

In return for the review I got $50 in free products...which is great! And the dogs are VERY APPRECIATIVE! However..don't think that $50 will buy me off ;-)

First thing I noticed about the website is just HOW MANY PRODUCTS THEY CARRY! WOW...seriously. They do carry the food I feed my dogs (Nature's Variety) as well as a ton more high quality dog and cat foods! They also carry so many treats it's mind boggling! I had a hard time choosing what I wanted. Took me a good amount of time to just look at all the items, the website is great in regards to that, you can search by brand name etc....but just to peruse the website (which is laid out very well) takes a bit because of the sheer volume of products (291 different kinds of treats for example!) Very cool!

I was a bit bummed that they did carry other foods I don't particularly like (thinking by-products like corn/wheat etc etc)...HOWEVER, I know a great deal of people do feed that, and to be able to get the food delivered to your door is something we all could use with our busy schedules! I will say the higher quality foods were the vast majority of choices--and with prices that are in line with any local places I could have purchased it from.

Free shipping on anything over $49 bucks (which is easy to do on this website!) I decided the pups needed LOTS of treats! :)

So then we waited :-) Having food delivered to your door with no shipping freaking ROCKS!
But the waiting sucks!
A few days later, the goods arrived! All intact and packed well :) 

Overall my experience with Mr. Chewy's website was an awesome one! :) LOTS of different foods/treats/etc. Free shipping with $49 or more (which you WILL find enough to get free shipping I guarantee!) and prompt service. 

The website itself is easy to navigate and find what you need for your pets, easy to check out and get on with life :)

I had a few questions and they were great with their customer service as well!

Fast, Prompt, EASY. That's Mr. Chewy!!! :)

The pups give it two paws up!!!

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