Friday, March 30, 2012


It might make you nauseous! :) Babies got their first days out today...we have babies coming right and left at this point...and I've been busy taking care of them, which could be made into an AMAZING thing...but in reality...all I'm doing is clean up a lot of crap...and filling water buckets. GLAMOROUS!

So the first group is out...spent their day being lambies :)
 And you know me! I can't resist pictures of babies! (animal babies that is...let's clarify that statement!)
 It's a good thing I have to do the chores myself, otherwise I would just be sitting near the pasture with this huge grin, just staring. ALL DAY...
 How do you not stare??
 This is my favorite ewe---Lulu and her baby---MY FAVORITE LAMBIE so far :) SOOO cute!
 I love all the different colors that are on's like Christmas not knowing what they will look like! Beats having a bunch of white lambs!
 I'm blowing this joint man...I'm SOOO much better than the rest of these freakin' pansies!
 My favorite girl...again, cause she is like a SUPA MODEL...
 There's her face...she's gonna be on the cover of some magazine, I just know it :)
 In case you missed her and all her cuteness....another :)
 All the lambs are healthy (knocking on wood) no pulling, no weak lambs, no bottle lambs so far...YES!
 You missed pictures of the cute girlie lambie huh? OK..there's another....
 Before long there will be lambie races, lambie jumping, lambie fun!

But for now...they are just trying to figure out where the heck the lambing jug went to? 
 And snuggling up to stay warm in the barn :)
 And dealing with a strange humanoid with a camera strapped to her face following them around all the time...
They'll get used to it...ask the's part of life here.
 Apparently lambing season is a tough time...everyone is tired!

This year we have several new momma's...that has been interesting...WHY AM I IN LABOR?? WHAT IS THIS THING I JUST HAD?? WHO ARE YOU?? WHAT IS A LAMBING JUG??
It's enough to make me want to drink..........more than I currently am.

For example...1 am a new mother decides to pop a baby out...and proceeds to head butt it...while licking the air (LICK THE LAMB YOU DORK!!)...I worried she wouldn't take it...but I left her inside the barn, alone...and when I came out the next morning...
 Thank GOD...I do NOT want another Ernestine like last year...NO THANKS!

After all the work...Klink needed a MAJOR bath...
 SHE however...was NOT impressed...if looks could kill!
 But she turned out pretty! Only to be out in the pens working again today...all covered in crap. I tried. I really tried.

Bonnie--aka waddles, Miss Preggo, Miss--PLEASEDON'TSTICKTHATTHERMOMETERUPMYA**AGAINTHANKS!! Is doing well...hovering around 99.7...I gave up staring at her...I have lambs to deliver. She will go into labor. I will take her temps twice a day while she deals with my by clenching her sphincter muscle so tight I can hardly TAKE her temp. Oh the joy of babies coming! :)

She is doing great out in the house with my pack...she is a food WHORE...seriously. I bet you could pay her to murder someone in Zukes Mini Naturals. She eats and poops a lot. And belches sexy :)
 But she gives some amazing kisses at 3 am when she wakes me up because she has to pee as the puppies (bags of blow don't move heat for the barn this year) are pressing on her bladder.
 So I forgive her. How can you not?

Oh...and if you want to meet me, or like work with me, just say hi and get a hug, or bring me cheesecake, I'll be in North Carolina April 20, 21st and 22nd for an agility seminar--Novice Handling and Foundations, Masters Handling, Tight turns and Drive Training! If you are interested please email me at and I will put you to the person to contact. It's filling fast! I'd love to meet you! :)

And Vittles said she hasn't been on the blog she would like to say Hi to everyone.
She's been busy killing things and leaving body parts on my doorstep like some sort of voodoo priestess...I'm thinking positive it's not a curse.

I'm off to clean something...or nap...or stare at lambies...probably stare at lambies...all day...


Chris and Ricky said...

The lambs are ridiculously cute! I love those black knees!! Poor Klink tortured by a bath. Bonnie seems so sweet and takes everything in stride.

I wish I could be in NC for your seminar - you said if you just want to come and say Hi and give me a hug? Seriously? I thought you hated hugs!! Haha! If I ever do get the chance to meet you, the first thing I would want to do is hug you! :)

Loretta Mueller said...

I would hug you sure! I feel like I know you from your blog and Facebook! :)

I wish you could come too!!! It would be fun to meet you in person!