Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Product Review!!

As a super cool surprise, I was asked by Mara over at the K-9 Knitter Blog to do a toy review!

I, being the blunt human being that I am, unable to normally contain my opinions for better or worse (usually for worse)...so I worried, what if the toys like sucked, or my dogs tore them apart in like 5 minutes? Well...I guess that would be my review (though doubtful poor Mara would have appreciated it!!! HI MARA!!!--waving with nervous look on my face...)

But alas, I had committed to reviewing the toys, and low and behold, one day, a package came to me and TA DA!! TUGGIES!!!
WITH an adorable card!! HAND MADE, ALL OF IT! I got to try out a medium tuggie (so BC size) and a teeny tuggie as I call it (Crackers size!)...

Let me state this, my dogs are HARD ON TUGS. I am an avid toy user and I like dogs that tug, I develop that and my dogs for sure will tear toys apart.

I am also an HUGE FAN of the ring zingee thingies at Clean Run, those wool rings for dogs? I have a gazillion of them. I love them. I have them everywhere, in my training bags, in my barn, in my livingroom, bathrooms, closets, probably the fridge even...So for me to compare those toys to these, well...it was gonna happen.

First off...lets try it on the BC's. Even and Lynn were chosen, why? They can tug apart a ring zingee thingie in about 5 minutes. I can't just let the dogs play with those toys, because they will all be in pieces in a matter of minutes (sometimes seconds)...
Even and Lynn were very willing to help!!
No ripping noise...good sign...
Easy on my hands...which is good. Probably why I love the wool toys so much!

The dogs liked it a TON, which I guess isn't super surprising since they like any toy, BUT, they do like wool toys much more (and tennis balls...but we are not doing a review on those today).
Even likes to eat the ring zingee thingies...they are very easy to pull apart (they have this stripe in the wool that for some reason comes off as soon as they get ahold of the damn thing. These tuggies withstood that! YES!!!!!
Not sure how happy EVEN was about it...she tried to destroy it...she really did :)
Lynn put her endorsement on it immediately :)
Even, being the skeptic like me, needed to put it through more paces before she gave it her approval.

After what seemed like HOURS of tugging...
I iz TIRED...
Even decided this tuggie was GREAT!!!!

Now onto a little tougher client...

Crackers can be VERY picky when it comes to tuggies. He either likes them or he doesn't. You never know. He's special that way ;-)

I gave him the teeny tuggie and HOLY SH*T HE LOVED IT!!!!!
It's super light, so the wee boy could run around with it!
AND, unlike the ring zingee thingie, it doesn't get caught on the dog (the ring shape can get around their legs and paws, causing them to try to run with the ring around their legs, thus a hazard if you ask me....) I have to be very watchful when we are using the rings, but with THIS toy, no watching needed! He can't get tangled in it!!!
Be aware though...it can give your dog crazy eyes...
Or cause them to stare at you for very long periods of time...
Or put their bodies in weird positions...like this!
And this!
ARGH! I'm a PI----RATE!

Tugging was easy with it...the wool is braided nicely and very strong, Crackers LOVED IT!
He also enjoyed whipping it around, with it being so light weight, that was great!
I really like this toy!!!!!
Again...warning...crazy face producing!

I'd say Crackers gave it his approval as well!!!! I had to put it up in fact, he wouldn't stop playing with it!!!
I also wash my toys a LOT...and I washed these tuggies and they looked GREAT post washing! Sometimes the ring zingee thingies don't wash the best, they unravel a bit...but these toys, HECK NO! They looked great!

So---as a recap:

Great colors (look how vibrant)...yes that was added on...whatever ;-)
Wash SUPER well!!!
Lightweight for the little dogs to run around with
Priced very well!

I really REALLY liked these tuggies, sure I got some free samples from Mara for reviewing the toys, HOWEVER, if any of you know me, you know that I don't sugar coat anything. If the toys sucked, I would tell you. Luckily for ME, they didn't. They are wonderfully hand made toys!

I say, try them out! If you like wool toys, you'll like these! Check out her store HERE!!

This was my first toy review! I had a BLAST doing it! Thank you Mara for sending me some of your awesome tuggies!!! The dogs say THANK YOU!!!


Karissa said...

Woolie Dog tugs are THE BEST EVER. I got one for Secret (in PINK, duh) back in September. She rips through fleece tugs in about two training sessions, so I knew I needed something heavier duty. The Ringzee is great, but hey, I do tend to fear for the safety of my hands as a dog comes leaping towards the toy in such close proximity to my fingers.

Secret took to the Woolie Dog tug immediately. And like you mentioned, it feels really good to ME, too -- very comfy to hold.

My recent foster puppy loved it, too. Nice and soft on his teething puppy teeth.

They are the only tug I will use now. Bummer for Mara, the darn things last forever and rarely need to be replaced. Not the best business plan, eh? ;o) I suppose I could just start collecting them in different colors!

I wonder if Kaiser would like one of the smaller ones like Crackers has....

Mara said...

Woo-Hoo! They withstood the very vigorous Even, Lynn and Crackers tests :D Glad your guys approve!

Love all the pictures - thanks for doing the review!

Hmm, Karissa, guess I didn't think this through enough with the durability angle... Guess I'll just have to hope that the originals eventually get misplaced somewhere!!

whimzeenator said...

Too cute! I can't wait to go order one. By the looks of your doggies...they are sold!! Great review!

Cedarfield said...

Those pictures of Crackers made me laugh. What a cute little Crackhead!