Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Trial Of The Year...

After a long break, we have started the 2012 trial season :) We headed down to Ham Lake, MN to On The Run Canine for a USDAA trial this past weekend.

We only entered Friday and Saturday, Sunday I wanted to chill out, sleep in, and not do agility :)

Friday we had the DAM Tournament and Grand Prix. Which was a ton of fun. Crackers, Klink and their buddy Blade (Crackers about BC's or some name like that) ended up with a Silver medal. And Gator, Danger and the husband running Megadeath the sheltie (see the previous post)--aka Honey Badgers ended up with a Bronze medal. Oh yes...we even had shirts...we are awesome :) Megadeath needed a DAM Team Q, so now she has that! YAY!

I felt a bit off, the dogs felt off, we were not meshing...until the later runs...Gator and I got our crap together a bit quicker than Klink and I. But we did get to that "zen" happiness of running agility by the end of the tournament :)

That evening all the dogs ran Grand Prix, all 4 clean, Gator and Crackers got the Byes, Klink got a Q and Miss Lynn, who I thought after spending all day HEARING agility being ran, but not actually RUNNING, would explode...she DIDN'T, and ended up 3rd! WOW! Very happy with the little bugger.

Saturday Gator had a perfect day, Klink and Crackers were 5/6, and Lynn ended up with a Snooker leg and her SCH. She was handling GREAT, contacts were GREAT, but we had bars. I knew this would be an issue, she hasn't been using the power she has at trials. This weekend was the first time I was REALLY starting to see it at the trial! YIPPEE! Problemo is, she isn't able to control herself with it yet in the trial I'll just charge up the place at home and do some extended jumping with her so she can work on focusing on the UP UP more than the GO GO ;-) I was overall very pleased with her, I wanted that power she has to start showing up and it is :) Her dog walks were the most confident I have seen them and the fact that she nailed it in Grand Prix, not having seen one, I was just estatic (why she went wide after it! I was so happy! LOL) Can't wait for the next trial in a few weeks :)

And, Gator is now all Q'd up for Cynosport! YES! Klink still needs a Grand Prix and a Steeplechase leg. She's a good girl, no worries. Lynn needs the most. Crackers has been Q'd up since the end of 2011 :) The husband trialed a lot after Nationals, I took a break :)

Here's some video of Lynn Highlights, I'll work on the others runs today and add them in a few days :)
Only bad thing that happened this weekend was Even getting "intestinal distress" at the trial. I walked into the crating area and I smelled lunch...and something that was NOT LUNCH...I didnt; think there was any way it was MY DOG. But alas, I checked Even's kennel...and WOW. Poor Stevie was COVERED. And the kennel, and the bed, and and and...Thank GAWD the trial facility had a lovely bathing place. She's fine now, but MAN she was not a happy camper, neither was I! THAT's a first for me! LOL

Sunday we just chilled out, took the day off and I was glad. Getting back into the swing of running 3 dogs at a couple of weeks we will be running both Saturday and Sunday :-)

Hope you all had a great great weekend!!

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