Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jadah Update Tuesday

Well, after talking with Donna and Joe extensively...I suggested they seek a 2nd opinion just to make sure there is nothing more than can do but rest and rehab. The University of Minnesota said that the area where the "lesion" is, they cannot operate on. For those of you who are familiar with the spine, it is at C6. Right at the shoulder blades area.

They both agreed with me, and after talking to many people, they decided to go to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Jadah has an appointment there tomorrow.

Jadah's appetite is great, she can sort of move her front end, back end is still not good :( She will be starting acupuncture tomorrow as well. They are having her walk on her front end several times a day and also doing Passive Range of Motion exercises with her rear legs.

She is having some neurological issues, one eye is acting funny, but that will be looked at tomorrow.

So..I the search goes on. Donna was in not so great spirits yesterday, to be honest we were ALL pretty upset yesterday when they sent her home. I was sick to my stomach about it and I can't even IMAGINE what Donna and Joe were going through. But Donna is doing better today, seems much more positive and at least this way, they can say they tried everything they could for her.

Please keep those prayers coming...I am sure Donna will call me as soon as she is done with her appointment tomorrow at 3 pm.

And Donna told me on the phone yesterday to let all of you know how much this means to her that you are thinking of Jadah. She is overwhelmed by the support everyone is giving her and she wanted me to tell you THANK YOU--from the bottom of her heart :)

You guys are awesome :)


Ricky the Sheltie said...

I think it's good they are getting a second opinion - I find it hard to believe there is nothing more to be done for Jadah. Good luck to them and I am keeping good thoughts always for a positive outcome!

Karissa said...

I have heard many good things about the vet program at UW Madison. I hope they are able to help Jadah!

Patty said...

continued good thoughts and prayers! I hope that they get more answers from UW Madison.

Kory said...

I'm glad they are going for a second opinion. sending hopeful thoughts and prayers for a positive outcome.

Karen said...

A second opinion is always good, even if you end up with the same opinion as the first vet (which is pretty well what we got) At least then you know.
Surgery isn't always a guarantee either. Of course every injury is different, and has to be dealt with as a unique situation.
I'll be thinking of Donna and Joe and Jadah, and hoping for the best result. I've been in their situation, and had actually decided to have our Calli put down. Well nearly 5 years later she is still with us:) Despite not having surgery and no deep pain sensation, she has amazed the vets with how much she recovered,and how well she can get around.

Sare said...

Tell her Reese and I are still thinking and praying for them. Hopefully the second opinion will let them know there is more they can do or that they are on the right track. Thanks for the updates too.