Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Running DW's :)

I'll catch up on pictures soon...Spot is coming to stay with us for a few days and I plan on snapping lots of him :) I love Spottie :) He likes to cuddle :)

Turns...they are coming along :) They are getting faster, they are getting prettier...I am starting to get them figured out :) Lynn is happier, I am happy because I have something to work on and keep my mind busy :)
Between training dogs and playing the guitar, and working out...that encompasses my sanity right now. I wish I could make everything bad go away for Jadah. Today I would be teaching them and it makes me very sad that I won't be teaching her this week. But, hopefully they are on the path to making her feel better :)

I am down some more weight...feels good :) And inches...I still hate HIIT days...but, they ARE getting easier :)

I have a brilliant plan to pick the prize winner thanks to my friend D :) I plan on doing that this weekend :) Zip is going to choose the winner...I think that, given her Diva status...she is the best one for the job :) I will take video, should be funny :)

Sheen continues his winning ways, throwing loops for me to jump through...and everyone says that Sheen is copying my "most used words"...well, um. I have NEVER typed the word "erect"...ever. So why would me typing "etc" prompt Sheen to replace it with erect...sure, I've typed the f-word, and d*ck, and probably boobs or something...but erect? No...I haven't...promise.

Someone said to shut Sheen's auto correct off...hell no, that's what keeps me laughing right now! And the cussing is back...with all that is going on, sometimes you just gotta let things out :) So HELLO Mr. F-bomb, how ARE YA!! :) I've missed you dearly <<<<>>>>

Have any of you seen the new Motel 6 commercial with the dude laying in the guest bedroom FILLED with clowns??? OMG!!!! CREEPY!!!!

Clowns eat people...

Eating good has gone out the window this goes like this:

The husband: "What did you have for breakfast?"
Me: "Ice cream sandwich"
The husband: "Okaaayyyy, and what did you have for lunch?"
Me: "I forgot about lunch...I think I had some skittles."
The husband: "Good lord...and dinner?"
Me: "A corn dog...and some grapes."
The husband: "Did you take your gummy vitamin?"
Me: Standing all proud like I'm 5 "YES! I DID! I took my gummy vitamin!!"
The husband: Shaking is head and hugging me "Well, good to know you won't get scurvy"

I love him :) He "gets me"...ok, not really, but he puts up with me, which is more than I can say of anyone else :)

I am very grateful for good friends, family and husbands that keep me laughing and smiling.


livin life said...

Yes please don't turn off the auto correct...I check in with you daily to see what great new words you have! Who won the sock monkey....Gyp wants to know ;)

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Yay Lynn! Thanks for the video :) Is she doing tighter turns the same? It looks like she's more so making the turn on the flat rather then adjusting on the dogwalk. It really does look good, I'm just curious as to how dogs look on the tight ones.

Things were going great with Vito but then I had to take a week off and now we're back to him stretching that last stride so he can turn real tight. I really wouldn't mind if he turned on the flat at all but he used to come off the side. Maybe I should abandon the >90 degree turn work, just work on really running again, and then just the soft turns and perhaps he's had enough work now that he won't come off? Agh!!

Anonymous said...

One year when Nationals was in Scottsdale, the hotel where I was staying was hosting a clown convention. The creepy factor was off the charts.

Loretta Mueller said...

Lora--I will for sure be picking this weekend :) I love Sheen, I could never turn off the autocorrect :) Makes me day :)

She adjust a tiny bit, but honestly, she was adjusting SOOOO much before that it was slower, much slower..and I didn't like it. I think for her, a thinking dog, turning her more on the flat is better for her, keeps her driving fast. She is wider than I would like currently, BUT, I think with confidence she will figure it out. The turn work I did with her just on the down plank DID help her a ton, it helped her understand HOW to put in a stride if needed. Before if she got off stride she couldn't, she can and does which is great. I am working on Speed right now on the turns...I want her powering down into the yellow and off. I figure I can slowly tighten her up as I go. have her slower and turning, it was harder to get her I am flipping and working speed first, then fine tuning the tightness of the turns. If that makes sense? Lynn gets it, which is I am just going with it. Flips away into tunnels she has never had any issues with...not sure WHY she hasn't, but she gets them...probably because the tunnel itself is targeting her deep into the yellow is my guess.

So, turning on flat or turning on the DW...for me, right now, as long as she turns, I am good. Thinking of it as a stone, slowly chipping away until I get a statue :)

I hope Vito figures things out again!!! I know it is super frustrating though! I feel your pain!

Loretta Mueller said...

Mia--that is the scariest thing I have EVER HEARD OF.

I don't think I could have dealt with me goosebumps thinking about it!