Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Jadah Update

I got a call from Joe, Jadah had her MRI. She did not make any positive changes overnight like she had been the previous nights. But I guess no change is better than a negative change.

The results are that there is a lesion, either a bone chip or matter or something on her spine. Right now they are NOT recommending surgery.

The plan is to bring her home today, and she will be on constant rest for now, and doing therapy. Will surgery be something later? Not sure at this point. I will need to talk to Donna more about this.

She still cannot stand or walk :( They will have to carry her or figure something out to get her outside to potty etc. There is going to be a LOT of rest, acupuncture and rehab involved for prognosis on running agility again...I am not even sure Donna bothered asking at this point.

I don't know ALL the details yet, but this is what I got, I will update as soon as I find out more. I am confused about why they are not doing surgery, BUT...they are vets and I am not. So lets go with this as good news.

Again, thank you to everyone who is praying for her...time will tell what will happen. I hope this week she gets markedly better. I am hoping I can go see her sometime if Donna is up to it...


Karen said...

Poor Jadah:( Does she have use of her front legs?
We live with a Lab that seems to have no deep pain sensation in her back legs. When she was first hurt I made a very simple figure 8 harness to support her back end, as she was able to use her front legs.
Could take a picture of it if it's helpful, although something similar is available on-line I think.

Loretta Mueller said...

Karen, if you don't mind taking a picture of it, I would GREATLY appreciate it yes!!!

My email address is

Thank you VERY much...I know she has sensations in the front end..not sure to what level though...

Karen said...

Sent the pictures. Hope they came through okay.