Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sitting In Bed...

First off, blogger is pissing me off...the spacing on my blog is all messed idea how to fix it...whatever...I am so drugged up I don't care.

So...I have finally given up. I'm not going to get better unless I stay in bed today. Fine. So I'll blog and edit pictures I took yesterday when I was supposed to be in bed! PERFECT! A computer + Loretta in bed = LOTS of pictures :)

So I sit here...surrounded by dogs...I thought Crackers was being all super sweet "Mama's sick I'll help make her better!!"...

Day90: Always A Motive...

Until it became clear he was wanting to be near me because I have a fever and was REALLY warm...I'll take it anyway...he's a great cuddler :) Evil little terrier.

Day 91: Happy Birthday!!!!!Zip turned 8 years old yesterday...she got to go on a walk and got to work sheep a it wasn't all a bust :) It's hard not to get sappy when I realize how much she has changed my life. My first herding dog, she taught me what a well bred dog can do. That first time I saw her working sheep was amazing. I wouldn't be in the country, with sheep, etc etc without her. She started the obsession :)I have two amazing pups from her (well 7 total of course). Sure, Lynn sometimes makes me want to beat myself against a wall...but I am figuring her out and she is a very cool little girl!! A stubborn and independent soul, she always keeps me on my toes. Even is a clone of her mother, I swear she must have budded off of Zip asexually or something...its creepy :) Though...there is definetly some Zip in Lynn matures I am seeing more and more of this :) Even, yeah...what a journey this little one has given me :) Regardless of whether I wanted to embark on the journey or not...she's a wonderful little girl. I wouldn't trade any of them for anything...

Granted...they still don't want to lay next to each other for pictures...SHE'S TOUCHING ME!!!!Until mama gets in there to calm everything down :)

She also started me on the path that got me Klink and Gator :) And Crackers in a way...everything. She started all of it. Maybe that isn't such a good thing?.....Not sure where Even is...probably running around like an idiot with her tounge hanging out... No really...see? :)

Day 92:Lambing is over, and now it's time to relax and enjoy watching the lambs grow up :)

And lambie races are just starting to happen :) They'll soon be zooming around the pasture in little lambie gangs, bouncing and playing. BOING! BOING! BOING! My favorite time of the year...spring, lambs, sunshine...LOVE IT! WEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! BAAAAAAA!

Vittles is enjoying spring as well :) She gets to go outside and bring dead things up to my doorstep...half eaten mice...or some parts...or an entire body. Cats are serial killers. I swear...creepy. And onto Ernestine...we figured out why she was having issues. She has a leg that isn't exactly working right. SO... I am going to be letting her out to run and play everyday...hoping that her leg works itself out...crossing fingers!Otherwise, she is a healthy, happy little bugger :)Satan is so very very cute :) I hope If anything...she'll be a great pet for someone :)FEED ME NOW!!!!!! I tried teaching her to far it isn't working...apparently she isn't a Border Collie...sigh. So time will tell as to what happens with Ernestine...but for now, she is enjoying life :) And Vittles thinks she's pretty cute too!

And Ernestine video...I used a song that reminds me of pot smoking, happiness, peaceful times...ahhhh...lambs just make you think of peace and love...right?



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Sarah Duke said...

ok the lambs are just too cute for words!!! hope you're feeling better soon! Happy Birthday to Zip.