Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lynn and DW's...Imagine That???

And the saga continues...

DW's...that's all I talk about I think...tired of it yet?

Day 93: A Happy Lynn Is A Good Lynn :)

Continuing with the stopped versus running training. She is getting it :) And she LIKES it...a LOT. More than I thought she would. The question is, will she maintain the speed and drive into the stop? No idea...not sure...for now, working at TON of running for each stop I ask for.

Separately I am still working the turns with the running...which are going OK...not perfect but we are working on that. Maybe I'm being too picky, maybe I'm being too something...maybe I've had too much Dayquil and Vitamin idea.

The thing IS...what I am seeing people doing and what they are teaching are two different things...people are teaching the dog to turn with early turn commands (right vs left at the top of the DW). BUT...when I see people RUNNING the dogs in sequences...they are turning the dog on the flat AFTER the DW. So they are not using what they are teaching really. I won't get there everytime, I know the dilemma on what to do?

I haven't got the answer just yet :) If anyone does, let me know OK?

I feel a bit like I am not being a purist for running contacts with the stop...but, really, I'm not a purist in anything I suppose :) I like the challenge of teaching it...but I want my dog to not have any questions in her head. That makes for a sad Lynn, and I don't like a sad Lynn :(I like a Happy Lynn...and Lynn is very happy...


Debra Kay said...

I think purist-y stuff is over rated. Do what works for each team.

Solo is now 19 months and doesn't weave because I'm so afraid of teaching it wrong that I haven't taught it at all....there is something wrong with that notion.

I did a few other things "wrong" with him-but we just go back and fix them. Fortunately for both of us-he doesn't get so hung up on "this is the way to do it"....he's more of a "show me what you want NOW and I'll do it" kind of guy.

But I've put it off so long I've gotten embarrassed about the whole weave thing....sigh. Purists-BAH HUMBUG.

prudence rabbit said...

Woweee--she looks great! Here's the vid I mentioned the other day:


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I'm really struggling with Vito on turns, even with our new criteria, because it's not as simple as run vs jump. I don't think he has any idea what I'm wanting of him because I myself don't have a clue. Some attempts are practically the same but his stride lands an inch lower or higher and one I reward and one I don't. Unfair.

I would skip the turn training all together and just call late except that is worse for Vito. If he doesn't have something straight ahead to zero in on he knows we're turning and either comes of the side or stretches so he's just barely in the yellow and turns tight. Maybe it's changed with the turn work we've done now but I don't know.

So I say Lynn looks happy and it's very clear to her. None of this ambiguous criteria. Just stop making me think about that option since it terrifies me!

Jen said...

Pure is for Puritans! I love the stop and the running that she has - they both look great and I think it will make you a more competitive team.