Monday, April 11, 2011


Spring is HERE...I am not sick anymore (still a bit weak, but not sick!) so I thought...come hell or high water I am GOING TO WORK SHEEP. Well...the dogs will :)
Day 96: Like Mother Like Daughter :)
Donna and Spottie came over this morning and we decided to put everyone in the round pen, considering their last time on sheep was in January when I went to KK's. They proved us quite wrong :)
Times like today, I always wonder why I just don't let my dogs be dogs until they are 2. Instead of training them, going through all those puppy phases, and periods they go through...just teach them a bit of obedience--not too much, just a recall and listen to me type of thing. And then just let them sit.
All 3 dogs had some things that needed to be worked on when we went down to KK's in January.
Even had in her head that the direction Come Bye was NOT a direction, and she couldn't go that way around sheep. I had to put pressure on her to get her going that direction and she fought me a bit...but was starting to go that direction.
Lynn was letting her eye draw her in early at balance and not covering the entire group of we were working on her bending off...she also fought that, but finally we got things sorted out with her by the end of the trip.

And Spottie had some issues that he needed just to mature into...
It came down to maturity for all 3 dogs.
Even went both directions today, sure...a bit tight on her Come Bye side, but she WENT with little to no pressure from me.
Lynn had a few falling in moments...but overall was lovely...bending out and hitting balance well...she wasn't pacing very well...but I didn't care :) I was happy she was covering correctly!
And Spot was lovely :) Keen, listening, covering, doing well for Donna...maturity...
Like milk, it does a body good.
All of them have changed since January...Lynn has gotten even more pushy. She is responding to pressure, but at times it takes more...and she just lets it slide off her back...doesn't care. Listens, but doesn't care. Love it!

Even is just even...still easily excited...but she is starting to think when she gets to balance...a bit :)

And Spot...just more everything he is doing. So much fun!
They were 3 VERY happy pups...I couldn't work Klink today :( She hurt her back and until she goes into the chiropractor tomorrow, no work for her. Just walks on leash. She wasn't very happy about this situation, but I can't ask her to work, she WOULD of course, but that's not a good idea. So...maybe Wednesday Klink!

Here is a video of the 3 of them working :)

Day 97: Cuteness!!!!!
Lambies, Lambies and MORE Lambies!!!!!
They are all getting big and fat :) Sooo cute!
They are forming little lambie gangs and having races around the pastures. Life is so simple for them right now.

My two favorite lambs :) The one on the left we call "Meth Head"...just because she looks VERY alert and she is the screamer in the herd. If there is a lamb making noise, it's little meth head :) And then of course...the spot on the back leg of this other lamb on the right. CUTE!
They're so very fat :) Good mamma ewes!
They grow up so fast...soon they will all be ugly and look like sheep :( Sad.
But for now! ENJOY!!!!!

Things are getting busy! Trial season, outside agility lessons, herding sheep, mowing lawns...BRING IT ON!


Patty said...

Great photos. Such intense expressions! Love the lamb photos.

Rocket Roxie said...

Awwwww the lambs are soooo cute by the way FABULOUS herding! ;)
As I always say don't doubt dogs!
Such focus being a german shepard I know you need it keep up to good work!

Knotty Dogs said...

Everyone looks great ... including you! Is that a pair of jeans you re-claimed?

Kathy said...

Beautiful pictures of the dogs, and the lambs are too cute. Good reminder about letting baby dogs be babies and not getting too bent out of shape over that.

Loretta Mueller said...

Jodi---yes those are reclaimed and they are already almost too big :) A good feeling! WOO HOO!! :)