Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things I Like About...

Day 94: Crackers are reading this correctly :) I am going to talk to you about the things that absolutely endear me to this little bugger. Sure, I talk trash about him ALL THE TIME. He can be a very annoying little dude. But reality is, I love him dearly. Now don't think I am going to get one myself...but, I do adore him. Believe it or not.

Sure...he has this white, wiry coat that gets stuck to EVERYTHING...and he is a morning dog...BIG Negative for me, but he's really cute...and I can't help myself.

So...just a few of the things that make me smile :)

#1 He a cat :)
His favorite place is on the back of the survey his kingdom I suppose.
I also think it's so Even won't ambush she likes to do, the minute he falls asleep, jump on him like a, like a little monkey, he climbs into his tree for safety :)
#2 Laundry day :)
Whenever I wash all the sheets and comforters...he will sneak into the laundry room and climb into the pile (as I can't fit them all in the washer at once, so I just bring them in and pile them on the floor)...he will get white hairs ALL over them...but then they go in the wash and it call comes off. He loves Laundry day...and it always makes me smile he somehow always gets in there :)

#3 Key To My Heart....
This is by FAR the most endearing thing he does...I turn a space heater on in the winter when I take a shower...and he is THE FIRST dog in there...and he just stands in front of it...and stands, and stands..eyes half open...soaking up all the heat he can :) I feel for him, I hate winter and I wish I could just sit there in front of the heater for hours. SO I feel his pain :) And it just makes me laugh and smile so much to see him do this :)

#4 Randomly...
He likes to just randomly stand on things...the chairs, the bed, other dogs :) Not sure why, and not sure why the dogs in particular, LET him. But they takes a village I guess :)

5# He Follows The ONE Rule
I have ONE MAIN RULE for dogs...NO LICKING. I hate being licked. Dogs lick their junk, they eat poop, they lick all sorts of things...I don't really want to think about it...and I don't want them licking me...and he gets this :) I always have to REMIND him...
And he will try to persuade me "LOOK! I am SUPA CUUTTEEE!"...NO CRACKERS!
But...he always sees my side of it...and harmony is restored :)

I guess we'll keep him :)

Day 95: Me

One of the few pictures I like of me :) Lynn and I...


DoggieDojo said...

I feel the EXACT same way about licking. My dogs eat poop. Yuck.

Debra Kay said...

Bandit is a little white chihuahua I gave my father who has no useful qualities whatsoever, except that:
1. He's built like a tiny pit bull and that makes him cute
2. He KNOWs he's cute and uses it
3. His favorite playmate is my border collie-he likes the other chihuahuas-but his best bud is a big boy too
4.He's smart if not obedient
5. He's cute and he knows it-did I say that already?

Ohhh-and he makes both my parents happy even if its to have something to complain and fuss over.

Jaenne said...

Our Patterdale used to sleep on the vents in the floor...I also cannot stand the licking...Kip is my worst offender...he does what I call the snake tongue...he'll flick it out when he thinks he can get away with it...and Mo does the same thing...Thank goodness Zane's not a big licker...

Loretta Mueller said...

LOL I am glad to know there are other people who don't care for "doggie kisses"...bleck...just gross!

LMAO Debra! "no useful qualities whatsoever" I LOVE THAT! HA!!!

Rocket Roxie said...

WOW! That herding was FABULOUS!!!
Calm cool focused! (I think that's how it goes)
Those lambs are too cute!