Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Freakin' A! Just Isn't The Same...

Exhausted...long, LONG week...lots accomplished and lots left to do :)

Day 97: Lynn and Photoshop :)
So, here's a thought. After a long day teaching agility lessons, I decided to get Miss Lynn out and work her. As an students RIPPED UP some amazing European style courses with all sorts of extreme evilness in them. Getting ready for the husband and Crackers this weekend...I will be testing the strength of our marriage I have a feeling...he is going to be so sick of going to the backside of a jump he will probably threaten me with loss of my life.

MMMWWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! (ringing hands together...evil grin)..hardy, har, har...oh wait...that's like a pirate... never mind. ANYWAY....Students rocked the house on the courses...amazing what they can learn from me really...everyday I am amazed!!!

What was I talking about? Oh, I got Lynn out...
To say I was tired is an understatement...and I cared about what she did about as much as I care about politics (which is like...nil)...she ran, I ran (quite fast if I do say so myself...the plyometric crapola I am doing is WORKING!!!), we had fun. She screamed?!?! As in screamed on course...DW's LOVELY!!!!! Just did running, why? Cause my ass is getting better at running them...and, I didn't care if she missed one (which she didn't)...and I didn't care if we did a turn (which we did...but I just did it on the fly)...I DID'T care...and this dog was f__ing brilliant. As in, amazing, phenomenal, kick *ss, holy sh*t!
I need to stop giving a crap...and cussing, I really need to stop cussing. That is something I need to do. So from this moment on, no more potty mouth. I am sure someone, somewhere is keeping track of the number of cuss words I use. And I am sure they are into the millions by now. Heck, there are thousands on this blog alone! But my use of such amazing, fun and colorful adjectives needs to simmer down a bit.
I digress, the next trial you see me at, if I seem like I am caring too much about what Lynn is doing, kindly come up to me and just kick me...LIGHTLY PLEASE. I have this vision of people beating the living pooh (did I seriously JUST type that? POOH?? POOOOHHH!?!?!!??!??!) out of me...

Ok...nix that...maybe just come up to me and ask me "Loretta, are you having fun?"...that should be enough. Offering me some alcohol might be a good idea as well :) Free booze is always appreciated!

But I need to change my outlook...and it takes a village to raise a really moronic 31 year please all you a sista out here!

The cussing thing...yeah...I give it a week...I am being, as Silvia Trkman would say, "Optimistic"...but I'm gonna try...anyone wanna make a bet? :)


Debra Kay said...

I gave up cussing for lent-I pay a 1.00 a word and I'm up to 12.00 so far. Much better than last year when I gave up at 100.00. Yes...hundred dollars...LOL.

D said...

Those were Euro courses? See how much I pay attention. They were very fun~! I've given up worrying about difficult courses..just run em! :))

Chloe said...

Awsome when i give up training wild horses i would love to have a go at doing agility with dogs.

I have a border collie/ whippet cross (from the SPCA) who i love to bits...always thought shed be an awsome agility dog. but for now shes rock and has won me many a trophy at the local swiming races.

good luck with the swearing....

check out my blog to

Shenna Lemche AKA Project Leader said...

Hehe. When you say 'beat the living poo out of you' I think of little happy cartoon poos running away. Adorable. Is that what you are going for? :D

Loretta Mueller said...

LOL Debra! I am sure I couldn't afford to pay each time I cussed....YIKES!!

D--yep! You are just so used to my sick sense of humor :)

Welcome Chloe!!!

Shenna--EXACTLY..cartoon poohs are not what I was going for! LOL Oh made me smile anyway :)