Thursday, April 14, 2011

Interview With Klink

Day 98: It's Tough Being Gator

Day 99: Klinker :)
Since Klink has nothing better to do than sit around, and go on a few leash walks everyday. I thought I would do a little interview with her, just so you can see the real Klink and get a feel for how she is in real life (not just in the surreal blog environment of pictures and happiness!)

Hello Klink
K: Yo! What up??

L: So I hear you are currently on the injured list for the Full Tilt crew? How's that feel to be completely useless while the rest of the dogs are hard at work and you are sitting on your fat, lazy....aaas......butt...
K: It totally blows...thanks for bring up that I am completely useless currently. Thanks...really.

L: And who ordered this rest and rehab for you? A team of doctors? Or your amazing owner, who cares deeply for your health and welfare.
K: You did. You take the happiness out of the world. I hate you. YOU....I. HATE. YOU.

L: Um...ok...(clearing throat) well then...don't you think that resting is the best thing with your shoulder injury?
K: Give me a F___ING break woman! SERIOUSLY???

L: Well, don't you get something out of the leash walks? Enjoying all the spring scenery and the peace you get from all that relaxing? Sounds like a dream job to me!
K: I think you are you even HAVE an IQ?

L: Well I think, it's really best that you rest and take care of yourself, I mean YOU were the one that hurt yourself in the first place...running around like an idiot.
K: ME? IDIOT? YOU threw the ball bitch!! I don't have thumbs, I CAN'T throw a ball. And what respectable dog DOESN'T fetch a ball? Seriously...aren't you supposed to be the smarter one in this equation?

L: Yes, but you didn't have to run FULL speed after it, running over the Jack Russell and then slide 35 feet into a dead stop over the ball, now did you?
K: I have a sudden urge to slap the shit out of you...
K: You seriously think this was my doing...honestly?

L: Yes, I do, I think you were being stupid, hurt yourself and now I have to pay for all your chiro and massage visits. Maybe you should pay for them yourself.
K: GO F__K YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER!

L: Silence...crickets chirping...
K: maybe I didn't mean that...I'm a little emotional right now...all that energy pent up and stuff...I really do love you. Especially if my recheck on Monday turns out good and I get to do more...I'll really love you then. And when you feed me tonight...I'll also love you.

Me: Silence...
K: Oh come on! Friends again? Lets go on another leash walk!! Wanna? PLEASE? I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!

Me: Well...OK...I guess we can do that...
Klink: I swear, when I am off this rest crap...

******PLEASE NOTE*******
Cuss words were from Klink herself. To keep the integrity of the blog and provide you with complete truthfulness...I must put these into the interview. We will now return to regular "clean" programming. Thank you for your understanding.


Patty said...

LOL. That interview was great! Klink, hope you are off the injured list soon!

D said... were serious about the no swearing thing?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Good. Luck. :)

Loretta Mueller said...

What are you talking about D? It was Klink? I didn't say ANY cuss words ;) ALL KLINKER.

Patty---Klink agrees with you..the sooner the better :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Poor Klink! But I think her interview and candid comments were just a way for you to use those swear words, Loretta! LOL!

Loretta Mueller said...

Chris! NO! How could you say that!?!? It was KLINK!!! KLINK!!!! :)

Rocket Roxie said...

That interview was FABULOUS?
I once had a shoulder injury your right Klink totally the humans fault!
LOL is all I have to say! I was ROTFL!!!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Awesome pictures! Poor Klink!

achieve1dream said...

Great interview!! The pictures are totally perfect. :)