Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hmmmm Interesting...

SO...Lynn is outside now...and her DW is issues. I spazzed for all told me it would be fine, I should really listen more eh? (that's my attempt at a Minnesota accent!).

So were right :) Her first attempt was a bit high, but nothing bad, and after that she drove to the end all happy with herself. We had a party and I did not have a breakdown :) Yay me.

I have been toying with the idea of just using a stop for turns over a certain degree (not sure what that is yet...I am sure Lynn will get her protractor out to show me) and then a running for everything else. So if the course dictated a better stopped contact, I had it. Why not?

So separately, I have started working on that...gave Lynn something to do, and me something to help me not worry about the RDW. I think Miss Lynn likes it. She has a touch on the teeter, so it isn't anything NEW to I thought...why not? GO means run and Touch means 2 on 2 of off :)

Not sure if I will actually USE this seems like a viable thing to keep looking into :) And for Lynn, it seems more black and white...if Lynn is going to think, best to probably give her something CONCRETE to think we shall see!

Oh...and I am a moron...sick and SHOULD have been laying in bed, but instead ran DW' to bed now.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Looks great, go Lynn!!! But seriously you have to stop tempting me with the stopped contacts option! I want to shoot myself on Vito's turn training. It seems like it goes great for a while and then is on the crapper. repeat.

Are you going to work on it being more of a 2o2o or keep the 4 on the floor thingy that Lynn was doing in the video? Do you think it will be an easy transition to a stopped or are you at all freaked out in will ruin your running? No, don't answer me. I am going to pretend this entry does not exist.

prudence rabbit said...

Oh so great! I'm tempted to try both, as well. I like the looks of yours. I've also seen one on youtube that is fab--switching between running and a very fast nose-pecking 2o2o.

Loretta Mueller said...

LOL Laura! Sorry! Just for my situation...I think it will be better for Lynn.

Lynn is doing the 4 on the floor thingie by herself..due to the speed she is coming down the DW. She LIKES to down...and I think I will just let her do it her way if she stays consistent.

For Lynn...she seems more confident now that I am doing either a stop or a run. There is no guessing, no adjusting striding, nothing "gray" for her to think about. Either she runs, or she far (only a few days into the stop actually BEING on the DW)...she is getting it. I am also helping her with body language, driving hard for the running and checking up for the stop...but I didn't type this, and you didn't read it ;)

Prudence---would love to see the youtube vid you are talking about! :)

Kathy said...

LOL Hate to tell you, but eh? is Canadian.

Now Minnesotan is Uff Da, and ya sure ya betcha. ;^)

Kelpie and Collie said...

Uff Da hails from Norway, and being that many Norwegians reside there, it's been sort of absconded with...