Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally! Back To Training Dogs!

I am actually starting to miss training the dogs :) I thought we were in the clear for spring to come, but it looks like another bit of snow in the future...then will be GONE.

Lambing is done...all in all not a bad year. After the first few ewes with weak lambs were taken care of, the rest did a good job with their lambs. Just Ernestine...and she will be moved out to the barn tomorrow so I don't hear her screaming everyday :) Good times!

Day 88: Patience Turns Into Depression :)

The dogs have given up...they were optimistic for several days...but have now just decided training wasn't going to happen during lambing. I did still get them out for several walks to burn off steam and stay in shape...but otherwise, they did this :) And this...And a whole lotta this too... And lets not forget about this :)

But now...I was able to find a dry place to put a few jumps, some weaves and a tunnel. So we worked some small stuff the last few days. It's nice being able to walk outside my front door and work my dogs. I can't wait until the pasture is cleared off...then the fun begins on sheep too!

Since Lynn's accident and all that junk...she has went back a bit to her double stepping on her weaves. HOWEVER, she is putting singles in..and each day more of them. SO instead of worrying about it, I think with more time she will figure it out...she WANTS to single, you can see it. Time I think will get her to work it out :) That's the #1 thing Lynn has taught me...time will work just about EVERYTHING out :)

Her DW is a prime example...she did one the other day, in the barn, without me wanting her to. After I tugged like crazy with her for doing it (and nailing that puppy! WOWZA!)...I had to check my pants to make sure I hadn't shit myself...and then went about our playing...she ended up taking off away from me AGAIN and did another one...K....well then! I'll take it :) But we still are not INTENTIONALLY doing any until we are outside. Still thinking on turns also...actually thinking of possibly doing a stop for turns and then just the running for straight ahead...thinking and wondering, pondering...but I am not going to obsess. Life is too short and I have too many things I want to do with my dogs to worry about one freakin' contact. Her A-frame is is her teeter etc ME, rather than work my ass off on turns, I might just say, lets do both and I will use whatever is needed for the course. Time will tell if I do this...I will probably change my mind tomorrow :)

ANYWAY...back to weaves....

So, instead of obsessing on her footwork, I wanted to see how her weaves actually compared to the other dogs...I used Gator for comparison because I love his weaves. So here is the bitchin' video :) After timing weaves...Gator's are about .10 seconds faster than Lynn's (on average) think, the better Lynn gets with her footwork, the faster she is going to be. Honestly, I thought they would be MUCH slower. Apparently Stewart Little's speed is deceiving :) And heck, she turns tighter than Tater yeah...whatever. As you can see from the video...she IS doing a ton of single what I did this winter is NOT all lost :) I think it will just get better and better.

I am sure everyone knows this by now, but if not. Andy and Crackers have put their names in the hat for IFCS World Team 2012.

Several people asked me why I didn't put Gator in...lots of reasons, and I am good with that :) I could list them, but really...there is no need. For now I will just be the best ASS (Agility Support Spouse) I can be and work the living crap out of both of them :) The husband will probably hate will most, if not all of my students, who will probably be running crazy European courses from now until next year, but I am looking forward to it :)

And while he is running and being all serious...I can just sit back, relax and enjoying trialing :) Dogs are all Q'd up for Nationals...working towards ADCH-Golds and LAA-Silvers with both dogs...Lynn...just running her and enjoying things as they come. Thinking low key this year for me. Adding in some herding trials...etc etc.

It's been an interesting start to the year for me...with Lynn's accident and a host of other things, life throws things at you that really can change a person's outlook...I thought I lost my dog. And I didn' fact she got out of it quite well. I am grateful for that :) Among a thousand other things already and April has just started!

Good luck to everyone at the National Agility Stuff this week :) Lots of clean runs and fun!


D said...

Thanks for the heads up, always good to know about fun upcoming course challenges. :) Andy and Crackers are going to do great, with a coach like you!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Go Crackers and yay Lynn!!! Don't tempt me with the 2o2o though. It seems I'm already training a completely separate behavior for turns vs straight!

Anonymous said...

Go Andy and Crackers!!! Yahooo!!! Whip it up on those Shelties!!!