Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Back from the land of Typhoid! Whew! So happy I usually only get really sick one or two days...then I am good. I feel so much better today!!!
Just in time for this crap...
Day 77: But It WAS Here?!?!?

Winter storm blah, blah, blah...freezing drizzle and inches of snow...great. Thanks Mother Nature...really. Thanks for stealing spring...

Gator is not amused...he wanted to go outside and work sheep and run some agility... Seriously?? No outside play time today ma?? WTF?? It was 50 degrees just 2 days ago?? This blows...big time.

Now that we have a winter storm coming in, the ewes will probably start going at any moment. They tend to pick storms to begin lambing.

Day 78: Ladies In Waiting I love lambing...one of my favorite things about owning sheep. But with it there is anxiety...I really love my ewes. And I always have a bit of worry when lambing begins. Will everything be ok? Will all the lambs come easily? Will I be there if something happens? Last year was the first year I had to really work at pulling a lamb. The ewe with triplets had 2 small ewe lambs and a HUGE ram lamb. I was there...he was pulled. All was fine. But things can go horribly wrong and I always worry about that. The last thing I want is to lose a lamb or a ewe. So far in this journey we haven't had that issue....I hope this year is no exception. Knock on wood. All will be fine. And I will see lots of babies running around the GREEN pastures in no time.

On a completely different note...as I was setting Klink on the line this weekend, I was petting her and I felt a mat...and then I found several more mats on her as I was petting her in the hotel room that evening. I hate brushing dogs...not sure why, I just do. My dogs get bathed often as they are in the house...but the only time I really brush them is when they are blowing their coats. That is out of necessity, I don't need that hair in my house and all over the floors. But otherwise, I don't. The one that really suffers from this is Klinker...the rest, being smoothies, don't get mats or anything like that. But Klinker...well yeah. I am more concerned about getting the sheep shit off of her, all the mud/sand etc...I kind of forget about the brushing part. Oops. So, I have decided, I am going to attempt to be a responsible dog owner and brush my dogs...

Day 79: It Begins...Sorry Klink5 mats later...she is brushed...and looks, not any different than she normally does...except she is now looking at me with a wary expression...great :)

I realized Gator has never been brushed...as well...his reaction to it :) I WILL SIT VERY VERY VERY STILL AND MAYBE IT WILL GO AWAY---eyes bugged out, rigor mortise and unmovable. DO NOT PANIC...good lord.

So I will be working on Happy Gator Brushing time. The dog is 4, I have never brushed him. Brilliant. I am such a good puppy raiser person. They ALL do nails very well, and bathe well...and walk on leashes...but I tend to forget about that with puppies also...I don't put my dogs on leashes except at agility trials...sigh...yeah. You might not want me to raise your next puppy. I forget about those things.

Even thought the brush was a toy...so she bit it and tried to tug :) Great... Then she ripped it out of my hand and ran around the house with it...trying to get it to squeak...
My dogs better look all pretty pretty if I am going to do all this brushing...they better look like glistening ponies...their manes and tails all silky and crap.

But most likely I will give up within a few days...since they will be covered with mud, sheep shit and lord knows what else. But at least I am trying...right?

Day 80: My Pathetic Attempt To Think Spring...Baby Stevie...in green grass...awwwwwwww


Karissa said...

I am glad to know that I'm not the only dog owner who sucks at brushing. I seriously can't own a long-haired dog. When I fostered that BC with a fuller coat he got so many mats with me. :o( I furminate, that's about it.

My sister-in-law (whom I can't stand) grew their Cocker's coat out into a full show coat simply because she ENJOYED combing through it daily. Further proof that she's insane.

Kudos to you for bathing. I figure there is no point this time of the year, they just get dirty again. Nobody in my house has had a bath since it was warm enough to do it outside with the hose -- and likely that will be when they get their next one! They've gone in the creek a few times already -- That counts, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Beep, a smooth coated BC mix, thinks brushing is really weird and stop doing that! I don't like brushing and my rough coated BC really didn't like it either. Smoothies for me all the way... less brushing, bathing, wiping, etc!

Loretta Mueller said...

LMAO Karissa...the SIL comment killed me! :)

I would say the creek counts! LOL

Smoothies all the way sclmarm!