Monday, March 21, 2011

I Can't Sleep Anymore...

So I'll blog.... :) Please forgive the NyQuil jabbering...I'm sure it will happen...

The weekend was a good one, well sort of. The husband and Crackhead had a great weekend...I tried really really hard to...but I think fate was against me :)

Friday was DAM team...things started out well...dogs running great despite little to no training...good deal :) This is all good...then, during my first run, something funky happened, pain...hmmmm

Of course ME, being me, went immediately to "I have never had this pain it must be a blood clot and I am going to die"...if I do that, it normally ISN'T the worst I end up happy in the end. Nope, not a blood clot...but a pulled groin.

I've never had a pulled groin...and I would rather not have it happen again. You can't run well with a pulled groin, you can't front cross well with a pulled groin. It felt like someone was taking a knife and stabbing me. OUCH.

Jumpers was particularly brutal and I was hobbling the last 5 or so jumps. Stupid groin. Who knew you were THAT important to agility...or getting out of bed, or out of a chair, or tugging with my dogs.

But damn it, I am NOT letting my teams I ran. And Gator didn't like running with a hurting owner...he knocked bars, he was sticky, he was worried. Wouldn't tug just wanted to stick himself to my side, make me feel better. Still, we managed to end up 5th in team. I sort of hobbled around the courses and used distance stuff....good boy Tater!

Klink didn't care, something I love about the girls...whatever beeeoootttcchhh, not my problem you're injured. So her team (teamed up with the husband and Crackers) ended up good dogs!

So I am limping...and of course, everyone comes up to ask me:
Person: What happened??
Me: I pulled my groin.
Person then glances down at my crotch
Person: I am so sorry
Me: Thanks (trying to cover myself...)

I would try to stare them in the eyes, willing them to NOT glance away...but they would. Or some distraction technique to get them to forget about the groin glance...but nothing worked...

So I just started saying "I pulled something"...but then they would ask what as that was all being mysterious and stuff. Note to self: People will look at the "affected" area...unnerving, but normal. Not sure what exactly, as humans we are looking for...but that's how it is. I was wishing I had some kind of gaping wound to show them so they would be rewarded...but alas, my groin wasn't that interesting.

The jokes however were...oh yes, the comments and jokes about my"groin in question" were funny...your groin is part of laughing apparently as that didn't help.

So...the comments I get are GET SOME COMPRESSION SHORTS...after about the 56th person telling me this (and subsequently looking at my groin)...I decided that might be worth trying, since if it didn't get better, there was no way I was going to be running my dogs for the weekend.

So after the trial, the husband and I found a sporting goods store...I hobbled in and asked for that department...I found a pair. As I tried them on...I swear the clouds of heaven opened, beautiful music emanated in my ears..AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH glowing lights and all. The pain WAS. GONE.
When people tell you to get some compression shorts, go get them...drop EVERYTHING and get them. The pain was gone. As long as the shorts were on...take shorts off, bad things happen. Which, due to the tightness of these damn things, taking them on and off is tough...but no pain.

So Saturday I go in, pain free and ready to rock n roll :)

Gator was back to normal....ran so well all day, holding his contacts, listening well, jumping well, just his normal, happy, squealy self :) Ok, other than GP, where he decided tunnels would be fun. I decided he needed to go to his crate :)

Klink was naughty (her normal self)...we had some arguments on Saturday...a bar here...stuff like that. Not wanting to hold her contacts...typical Klinker stuff...she is who she is.

Training thing to write down---COLLECTION. Gator and Klink need that work. I need to train my dogs. Bottom line.

Crackers did his normal awesomeness :) Good JRT.

Saturday night....I start feeling a bit off...wake up Sunday am with a sore throat, fever and cough...seriously!??! So I go off to the trial, to inoculate everyone with whatever strain of Typhoid Mary I have (and before you string me up and pelt me with rotten eggs--there were LOTS of sick people I was just following the herd baaaaaaaa!)...

Running agility sick is like a bit of an out of body are relying on muscle your mental status is pretty foggy. I was running out of air after each run and that really sucked. Everyone kept asking me about my groin. THAT was the least of my concerns, I needed an Oxygen tank! And I had the gumby legs going on, you know, where you are weak and your legs turn to rubber? LOVELY fun...not.

And my compression shorts didn't get, utter, complete grossness---I am so very sexy, wearing sweaty compression shorts, pale, feverish, mouth breathing, all that good stuff. I was hawt. The husband stayed away...not sure why? Probably to keep himself from loving' up on me at the trial in front of everyone...right? Had nothing to do with how crusty I was. Nope...not. one. bit...

My dogs took that and didn't run with it (where they sick too?) They didn't put a foot wrong all day Sunday. Sure, Gator biffed a jump wing in some weird thing..but otherwise was an awesome little dude. Klink had a PERFECT DAY (get your parkas out kiddies, hell is FREEZING OVA!)...she somehow managed to win Steeplechase idea how...due to a major miscommunication that happened..but I'll take it :) Crackers was perfect today as well also winning Steeplechase Finals (well won both rounds)...The husband and JRT can apparently get Standard legs just fine (ended up with 2 of them this weekend) now that they have their ADCH....a miracle :)

Snooker was fine, I picked a plan that wasn't going to set the world on fire, but that my weak, feverish/delirious ass could remember and execute...good dogs, they did it. Team Crackhead did some crazy awesome run and nailed it. Highest points in the fastest time. They are my heroes :)

After that, we skipped out on jumpers as I was about to pass we just headed home.

I love that trial, VERY well ran, great people and so much fun. I normally have more fun, but I think I just caught a bad weekend thing :) I missed running Lynn...the courses would have been good confidence builders for her DW's...but that will be for another weekend I guess :)

She, Zip and Ace were very happy to see me...I have just been laying in bed all day...trying to get over this crapola...hopefully tomorrow.

Just in time for the snow storm...SERIOUSLY!?!??!?? Oh yes...sigh...
I am so pathetically behind on my picture thingie...will try to keep up...

Day 75: It's Called HOARDING...

So, per several requests...I was asked to add a sock monkey to the "gift thingie"...the husband is not happy everyone. Apparently he feels he hunted them down himself (Walmart is one scary place...beating off those old ladies and small children for those last few I am sure) and he should be able to keep them all in the closet, where I swear they are still breeding. It's quite creepy really. I get up in the morning, step out of bed and there is one looking at me. It's blank stare only broken by the stray dog hairs stuck to its face. I walk into the bathroom...and there is another one, laying by the toilet...watching. I can't pee with something watching me. THEY NEED TO GO.

The ones tucked away in the closet are annoying as I know they are there, waiting...for the husband to let them out. Waiting to watch me...

Some of them need to go though, we reached that agreement. The rest I am going to put in a shallow grave in the backyard. The dogs can dig them up when they have destroyed the previous one...yes of course I will put log chains around them. DUH...otherwise, they might dig out at night. And end up sitting next to my bed. Or worse, IN my bed...


So...get excited everyone :) YOU could own you own creepy/demonic/possessed/slit your throat in the middle of the night/sock monkey! FUN FUN! JUMPING UP AND DOWN CLAPPING HANDS!!! WOO HOO!

I would give them all to you...but well...ya know..."hoarding"...yeah...

Ok...going to go pass out for the rest of the night and try to get over this crap...


Jaenne said...

Woohoo! Sock monkeys for everyone! Zane's has a Frankenstein look to it now thanks to Dox...he doesn't have eyes, he has one and a half ears and his tail and nose look funny because of how I reattached them (yes, I sew up toys...)

marlacorey said...

All I can say is that I feel your pain running agility not feeling 100%. I ran my BC in agility for 3 months while having kidney stones and didn't know it was kidney stones just thought it was bad case of the flu!!!

Anonymous said...

Oohh, nothing like running in agony. I had trained my very first agility dog for nearly a year and we were finally ready to enter our first trial. The day before the trial I started getting a toothache. I woke up the next morning with a full-blown abcess, the left side of my face swollen like a baseball.

We ran though. Nothing was going to keep me from it.