Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Things Need To Get Back To Normal...

First off...not so good things...
Brainstorming...that's been what I have been up to.
Lynn...imagine that :)
She has been working in the green room awesome...yesterday was her first time at the barn. It wasn't a COMPLETE and utter disaster...but it wasn't pretty either.
She did what I told her to do...and nothing more
She tugged because I asked her to tug
She jumped because I asked her to jump
She did tunnels and her Aframe pretty well though...but after those she still was tugging because I asked her to.
And there was NO F***ING way she was going over by the DW...
She did it all for me, which makes me very sad...I want my dogs to LOVE their work, I want my dogs to want to work with me, and really go. She was just working for me...I hate that. Not HER, but that she wasn't excited about the game. Just going through the motions.
Took her home, and that evening she was a maniac in the green room, high drive, tugging maniac, happy and I was so relieved...so I think we will not be doing much in the barn for awhile. Thank goodness spring is coming (I think)...
She is pulled from trials until I figure things out with her. No sense adding trialing to a situation that isn't ready for it. And she was a bit tight in her shoulder yesterday, so we still have some stuff to work on with that.
I would, at this point, bet her RDW is done...if it is going to take me 6 months to get it back, it's not worth it for me. Which really REALLY sucks considering all the effort I have put into it. But...that's life right? Sometimes shit happens. And instead of just being upset...I am just going to continue on...I really don't have a choice in the matter. Either she will, or she won't be OK with it. Just be positive with her, build confidence and try. But it really comes down to her.
It really sucks. And I am just going to state that in this one blog post...and then move on. She could be horribly injured, she could be permanently injured, she could have broken her neck. There is always something worse.
Another thought is to just work sheep for awhile...let agility go. Sheep work really helps my dogs...balances them or some hokey crap like that :) Just work on sheep, enjoy that and see where it takes us.
Klink and I didn't get into the herding trial...another bummer thing. I really wanted to get in. But again, that's alright...there are other trials. So we will just get things working well and go to those, hopefully! :)
I am so behind on my photo stuff...I am behind on a lot of stuff....will work on that :)
NOW: Onto good things!!! :)
One thing I AM working on, is Even focusing around distractions. Which, as an x-pen refugee, she didn't get that kind of work. So she is VERY VERY VERY motion sensitive :) So...been really working on that :) No biggie, all of my dogs are motion sensitive...their breeding, so I just work on it from a young age. Even has taken a bit longer since she is older, but as you can see, she is doing great blocking all of it out :) The other dogs are more than happy to help out when I am training her :)

Guitar playing is going well, I can actually play some songs, change between chords and it doesn't sound like a wasted chimpanzee! Score for Loretta!!!!
The snow is melting...and today it's in the 40's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trial this weekend...not sure if that should be under good news or not so good news :) Dogs haven't been trained much...should be interesting if anything :)
Lambing starts next week!!! SO EXCITED! BABIES!!!!!!


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Keep being so positive, I"m sure your girl will be back soon!

And not to undermine the realness of your situation but I wouldn't give up on her RCs quite yet. Just let her run and be happy again. Maybe let her first dogwalk be on a different one and even lower it. If you can get her happy on a low one I don't think you'd have a hard time raising it up.

Stress over the decision when the time comes, don't stress prematurely!

Loretta Mueller said...

Very true Laura :) Thanks for helping me put that into perspective :)