Saturday, March 12, 2011

I would like to...

Kick winter in the junk...if winter has junk...I imagine that he/she does...and if I find it...
Day 69: Yes it's STILL here...

F---ing more last night...

Day 70:

I love you...& your tortellini...but mainly your tortellini...ok, I really don't give a shit about you... This is Lynn, in a nutshell...if I can to pick ONE photo to describe Lynn, this is it :) She looks at both of her daily meals as THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER TO HAPPEN...never have I ever had a dog that enjoys food as much as she does. She is a hog...and drools like a mastiff...I literally will SLIP in a pool of nasty is that!?!?? Good lord.

Lynn got cleared to do agility yesterday :) We did some jumping...well SHE mainly just spun and barked as she was so excited to be working it was we tugged...and then when her brain came back to earth...we did some jumping. She looks great today :) No I think life will go on, and she is happy to be back running again :)

Speaking of running...did you see Daisy Peel's winning run with Solar at Crufts? HOLY CRAP can that girl haul ass! GO DAISY GO!!!

On the "wow are we REALLY those people??" we now have a new Swaggar Wagon :) She's actually blue...but already dirty. Poor thing. We figured after the old van staged a strike at the last trial, and with 345,000 miles on was time. Sure, it's not a sports car, but the number of cup holders is totally bitchin'. And with the tinted windows it is totally gangsta (thanks D for that one!)...I just need some spinners (thanks Britt) and a spoiler and we will be totally pimped out (no offense if there are pimps that read my blog). The husband is thinking we should go more "low key" with it...since he has to take it on farms and they might make fun of him...marriages are so annoying sometimes. Blah, blah, blah, compromise, blah, blah, blah...

I guess though...the poor dude DOES have to drive the minivan...that in ITSELF is a huge one finds a dude in a minivan hot (ok, maybe a soccer mom or a dog person) lets just not think about the above paragraph K?

We decided against the entertainment system, since the dogs would just argue over what we were watching anyway. I don't need that crap. It would turn me into my father "WE WILL TURN THIS VAN AROUND!!!"...I am not ready to face that.

It's sad...that we will never have the ability to own a normal car...unless we decide to have only one tiny dog, one that can fit in a purse, which I don't not sure where the dog would have to fit...a back pocket? And that won't be happening anytime alas, doggie wagon land it is...sigh.

I want to have something amazing to say on this post, not sure why...but I did, can't come up with anything really... nice to your dogs, train and be clear with what you want...and hug them. Oh...and maybe a drink or two is a good thing...and take a nap today...that is, unless you are trialing..then maybe the nap should be omitted.


Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

I loved Daisy Peel's run, she was AWESOME!

I have a thing for cupholders - especially since my current car has ZERO!

I still have just a regular car. The total outcast at agility trials. But hey. I'm still in college. I don't have money to get the kind of car that I need at the moment. And when I got my car, I didn't have my dog, didn't intend to get addicted to agility, obedience, tracking, etc. I really didn't know! Now the next one will have to be some type of SUV or something.

But never a mini-van. I hate them. No offense to the people that own them, I just don't like that style of car. And sorry, but I'm in the "no one finds a guy driving a mini-van hot" club.

But worst case scenario, you CAN fit a large dog (Malamute) plus two people plus crate/chairs/10x10 canopy in an Accord.

One day I'll get my damn cup holders...

Loretta Mueller said...

LOL! Welcome to the blog :) I love your outlook! HA!

Trust me, I don't LOVE the minivan...I think they are ugly, however, with 7 dogs it's that or a cargo van (shudder!!) that's what we settle for :)

I still have my car I bought in college...a 2001's amazing what they can hold for sure!!!